Man From The Future Shares His Story

MS:  Today I’m speaking with Dr. Hannes Alfven of the Tesla Electric Power Collective.  Dr. Alfven joins us from the future to discuss events that will soon be unfolding in our time.  Dr. Alfven please introduce us to yourself.

HA:  I’m a plasma physicist from the year 2090.  I have a doctorate in electrical engineering from Intel University.  I did my undergrad at the Tesla Electric Power Collective.  Currently I’m employed with Tesla Electric working on the development of teleportation devices, which is how I came to be speaking with you today.

MS:  Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today Doctor.  I noticed you mentioned you got your doctorate from Intel, is that the same Intel chip manufacturing company that is around today?

HA:  Indeed it is.

MS:  That seems so incredibly odd to me.  Why did Intel decide to open a college?  Were they having trouble finding qualified applicants?

HA:   Well, after the State was eliminated, private industry was forced to pick up the tab for educating their own employees.  A lot of the major high tech manufacturing organizations opened up educational facilities on their campuses to train their own workforce.

MS:  Wait a minute, back up.  Did you just say the State was eliminated?  How in the world did that happen?

HA:  In a few years from the present time, the current Anglo-European monetary empire will come to an end as the debt Ponzi comes unraveled.  The States ended up trying to print their way out of the Ponzi fractional reserve debt scheme they had created and wound up destroying the value of their money.  When they could no longer pay their bureaucrats, police forces and armies with money that had value, they collapsed.

As the fiat money of the world was devalued into worthlessness, people began looking for alternative currencies that could retain their value.  The electronic currency that was struck upon by the markets was called Bitcoins.  Basically they act like a digital commodity; so in the future, monetary transactions are conducted using what you might call “virtual gold”.

MS:  So why didn’t the populations of the world simply reconstitute new States that operated under this new monetary system?

HA:  Well, you can’t loot other people’s Bitcoins.  This makes it impossible to have a coercively funded State government.   What ended up happening was people became responsible for their own security and subscribing to their own “public” services.

So there are no police, only private security guards.  There are no “laws” per se, but most people deal with trade disputes through private “loser pays” arbitration courts.  So contracts between organizations and people define what the “law” is.   Murder, rape, and other violent crimes are basically non-existent, but when they do occur, communities typically ensure justice is swiftly dealt.   You might call it vigilantism by community consensus.   People don’t take very kindly to murders, thieves, and rapists in their neighborhoods if you catch my drift.  Since everyone is usually armed, robbing or hurting someone typically winds up like a gun store robbery today.  The person attempting the crime gets gunned down rather swiftly or driven out of town by private security.  Lord help them if they kill someone.

Private insurance companies basically deal with private property protection in the future, just as they do today.  So most people subscribe to an insurance contract which indirectly funds their local security and fire\emergency protection services.  Engaging in a crime voids your insurance protections, which typically doesn’t end well for the criminal.

MS:  Fascinating.  And the public is fine with this?

HA:  For the most part.  Since victims don’t like paying to put their assailants behind bars, the prison industry evaporated.  This left justice to be dealt with at the individual and neighborhood level.  It is important to note that reputation plays a massive role in your future society.

People don’t rob or harm others because a bad reputation can force you into total poverty.  If you become notorious, you’ll end up either getting hunted down and shot, or people will refuse to do business with you, which means you will typically end up starving to death.  A bad reputation can be more brutal than a life sentence in a prison today.

MS:  So Doctor, tell me more about this monetary system that makes it impossible to have a State.

HA:  The monetary system is an encrypted peer-to-peer electronic currency with a distributed transaction database.  Basically it is a system of encrypted tokens that are used as money.  The tokens can’t be reproduced or inflated, but they can be infinitely divided.  Because there is no central authority that can issue the coins, and because new coins can not be arbitrarily created, fractional reserve banking is impossible and the coins constantly gain value as the economic productivity of the world expands.

In my time, a full Bitcoin can buy you nearly an entire city block worth of property and merchandise.  Today the currency is still in its infancy, but its value will grow exponentially over time until all the goods and services that exist on the planet Earth are represented by the currency.  People also use gold and silver as cash substitutes or as a secure store of wealth, but the vast majority of retail transactions take place in Bitcoins because they are much easier to work with than physical metals.

MS:  Wow, that is incredible.  So what does the future look like  for us in the short term and the long term?

HA:  Well let me start off with the good news first:

Since there are no violently funded States to squander wealth in the future, global productivity in my time is so incredibly high that most people only work a few hours a week.  All of humanity’s energies are directed into private markets that serve consumer interests.  For example, since there are no shipyards building aircraft carriers for State governments, those same ship yards are now building cruise liners for the public.  With the State out of the way, people were forced once again to only produce things that individual consumers actually desire.  Obviously it goes without saying that there are no wars or military dictatorships since they can’t exist without the ability to steal wealth from the public.

The defense industry was wiped out when the States of the world collapsed, which also freed up an absolutely tremendous amount of resources for the production of consumer goods.  Raytheon is now the number one producer of plasma convection ovens in the world.  McDonald Douglas went out of business and was folded into General Electric.  Their old plants are now producing personal flying vehicles for the public.  They actually use TEPC’s plasmERG engines that I helped refine.

Consider that all of the hundreds of millions of men and women who work for military organizations, prisons, bureaucracies, defense industries, intelligence agencies, etc.. etc.. in your time today will be released into the private sector in the future.  This massive addition of highly skilled and motivated labor to the private markets drastically increased global productivity.

In your time today, the workforce of the United States is only devoting about 60% of its energies into private consumer markets, with the other 40% being controlled by State spending.  That will ultimately change to a 100% consumer market driven economy.

The elimination of centrally planned interest rates with the implosion of the central banks also drastically reduced the misallocation of resources within the private sector.  So really, the economy you are experiencing today is only a fraction of its real potential to produce wealth and an abundance of consumer goods for the masses.  In the future, following the elimination of the State, the full potential of the economy to produce wealth will be realized.

I suppose I should now move on to the bad news:

In the near term, many people will end up starving to death.  There will be massive political upheavals.  There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth as the violent system of State sanctioned looting comes to an end.  Many of the people who have become dependent upon the redistributed stolen wealth of the State will engage in violence to protect their paychecks and handouts.  It will not be a pleasant experience.

When States hyper-inflate their currency, what they are really doing is transferring the ownership of wealth within a society to those who get the new money first.  Since printing money doesn’t actually create new wealth, all it does is change who can buy what little remains within the economy.

A State undergoing a hyper-inflationary scenario can expect that common consumer goods, food stuffs, and energy costs will skyrocket since they are necessities that everyone must purchase.  This state of affairs will continue until the money finally becomes totally worthless.  At which point society will devolve back into a barter existence like they did during the dark ages.

This is why the dark ages followed the collapse of the Roman empire, and so too will the people of the world experience a similar “dark ages” today.  However, the dark ages that will soon befall you will not last very long at all.  If you are young, you will live to see an age of prosperity emerge from the ruins of civilization.

So take heart, unless you are old and poor.  In which case you are basically SOL.  I’m sorry to inform you, but your governments already spent the money they promised they were saving for your retirement.  It doesn’t exist, and you’re not going to get any of it.  If you do get any of it, it will be in an amount that will not buy you a loaf of bread.

MS:  That is a lot for me to digest Dr. Alfven.  I’m curious about the plasmERG engine you mentioned earlier.  Could you tell us more about what future products await us?

HA:  Certainly.  The PlasmERG engine uses expanding plasma to drive pistons in the same way a combustion engine does, but it does so using a very tiny fraction of noble gases which cost virtually nothing to produce.  This is just one of many technologies that will explode on to the market in the wake of the State collapsing.

You see, a tremendous amount of innovation is stifled by patents and copyright law.  When the State collapses, people will be free to produce whatever they like by copying others.  When people are free to copy the ideas of others, it means the economy can produce more things more rapidly.

Competition will become very fierce and trade secrets will become tightly guarded.  Those who are first to market with a new idea stand to make a tremendous amount of money, which is reward enough for those who innovate.   In the future, the ability to take others’ ideas and improve upon them will become central to building a prosperous society.  It is a backwards archaic notion to think that inventors need State protection in order to come up with new ideas.  Consider that patent law is intentionally designed to create monopolies which harm consumers.

Also, an absolutely enormous amount of waste comes from the legal battles that revolve around patent laws.  With the elimination of patent laws in the future, companies will not have to worry about defending themselves from lawsuits, which means they can take that money and put it towards building better products.

MS:  Thank you Dr. Alfven for your time today.  I look forward to meeting with you again in the future! (LOL).

HA:  My pleasure Michael.


I plan on bringing Dr. Alfven back for continuous series of interviews.  Consider this part 1.

Additional reading:

If you would like more insights about the future, check out Jeffery Tucker’s work It’s a Jetsons World.  The book is free in pdf format and covers issues such as patent laws stifling growth, the miracle of free market productivity, and why the State destroys abundance.


Some lectures by economists that touch on the topics this article covers:

How Government is Unraveling Civilization by Force | Jeffrey Tucker

A Private Law Society | Hans Hoppe

Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle | Roger W. Garrison

The Evils of Intellectual Property | Jeffrey A. Tucker

  • Fuck

    you are the dumbest human being on the planet

    • This coming from a man who calls himself “Fuck” 

      You’ll have to forgive me if I am more amused than offended.

    • dreamer

      And you are the human being on the planet with least imagination. Your dreams must be like a grey void. I would subscribe to this future any day, i can even see it happening. The seeds are here already. Chartered cities and free states are going to pop up any day now changing all the rules of business, technology, manufacturing. Socialism will finally be compared to a truly free marked and everybody will see that the emperor has no clothes.

    • Kutas

      Actually you are the dumbest human being for posting a retarded comment like that. This theory/prediction is very interesting and just cause its written as “it will happen” doesn’t mean its retarded. You come up with a theory or give reason why this article is dumb

  • Stevoblevo

    Enjoyed reading your ‘article.’  I especially like your links to lectures which makes this article very useful.

    You may find it beneficial however to go back and proof read your piece one more time as I caught a few spelling errors.  (eg ‘per say’ should be per se–latin for “in and of itself”)

  • SuperGuest

    nice article

  • Libertariannews

    This article provides some interesting food for thought. Although there are many negative aspects of the State, a Republic has the positive goal of protecting minorities. When a minority exists within a group (whether religious, sexual orientation, race, (dis)ability), that minority is protected by the Republic. And this protection tends to breed open-mindedness in new generations until it becomes “common” to want to protect that minority.

    In a world governed solely by market pressures, I do not see how minorities can continue to exist. They would be forced to consolidate to their own areas to form a majority or become extinct. A world ruled by “survival of the fittest” is not a step forward. It is a leap backwards before the dawn of civilization.

    Once we live in a world that truly respects the rights of humans, animals, and nature, the State will disappear on its own.


    • Shocking.

      You should link this article all over the internet and tell people how crazy they are.

      Just be sure to link it everywhere.

  • Pemulis

    Fascinating article. Do you plan on providing information on how you were contacted by this Dr? I would imagine it’s quite interesting. Or was this (and I mean no offense as I respect and agree with a lot of what you say here and on ATS) just a work of fiction?

    • Yeah that would make for an interesting bit of fiction.  I’ll try and keep it in mind as I plan future stories.

  • Shnards

    hahahahaha im saving this article for future lolbertarian circlejerks

  • Anonymous

    I like that the big thing that holds up this entire future society is basically “bitcoins can’t be stolen, otherwise the state would re-emerge”
    Oh look at that, some hackers stole some bitcoins already. Weeeeelp….

    Also I like how your vigilante justice social system could dramatically punish the socially inept or otherwise “different than the norm” people by creating around them reputations that foster hate. “I don’t like Mark, he doesn’t like to do small talk whenever we meet. I’m going to tell my neighbors that we should shun all transactions with him.” Then serial killers, who many times are very adept at social interactions, could build the perfect reputation for themselves to keep on killing. “Mr. Bundy is so nice to us and lets us borrow kitchen ingredients whenever we’re low. He could never be involved in those murders.” Then, on top of that, anybody who DID want to look into his case would have to be able to afford a private detective for the possibly months or years it would take to catch him.

    You act as though black markets and the people who fuel them would cease to exist. There will always be people who simply want to kill and steal their way through life, and they will create networks with other people who like to do just that. A bad reputation won’t necessarily get you killed or shunned at all: see any wild west movie. Think the good guys always win the gunfight, or that the bad guys will always get taken down when the town is terrorized and there’s only one guy willing to take the stand? You also assume everyone else will stop being apathetic, or become courageous in defending their property. I doubt that.

    It’d be nice if your future society decided to provide for the poor rather than (by your own example) build dozens and dozens of cruise liners that are purely a luxury commodity. I cannot see at ALL why we would need any more cruise liners in the world today than we already have. Or other luxury goods. Of course, if the poor are taken care of and have homes, food, and everything else they need, perhaps a future with more exorbitance can be allowed.

    To sum, I want nothing to do with your future. I want some Star Trek up in here.

    • A hacker stealing a few coins that were not properly secured does not mean Bitcoins could be effectively taxed.  To ague as much is ridiculous.

      Watch the private law lecture to see what I’m talking about in more detail.

      As for you not wanting anything to do with my future scenario – the point of the story is that you will not have a choice in the matter.

      Sorry chump, but the dollar is going bye bye and the State is going along with it.

    • -So you believe that building dozen of cruise liners privately are purely luxury commodity (omitting your nonsense statement who believes that luxury or value are intrinsically present in a commodity or cruise liner), but you don’t believe the same is these cruisers are builded-up by the state to destroy and menace other countries.
      -If you don’t like Mark and you want to convince your neighbors that he is bad,therefore “shun all transaction with him”, you are assuming that your neighbors will follow you, but in a libertarian society, you will have to compete against Mark in the building-up reputation in the minds of each neighbor (remember, individuals are not ants and they will not think the same as you are trying to infer).
      -The truth that there will always be people who simply wants to kill and steal, is not a logic or valid excuse to protect the alleged “the state’s right to be the only administrator and user of force”. 
      -Sure, we can take care of poors and homeless, who said the opposite?, but obviously that’s a voluntary choice  that will always be in human nature, since humans can’t let other humans die in front of their sidewalks.  On the other hand, doing the same (help the poors and homeless) just because the owner a force-monopoly points you with a gun to your head to do his will….Well man, I don’t know in what kind of world you believe you are living (maybe Startrek’s world?), but for me, that is insane.

    • Iliyan Dobrev

      Why do you assume that the society cannot take care of the socially weak and needs the State to assume that function? 

      In the past, there has been many NGOs that has provided social services to the fraction willing to trust them, the churches comes to mind, and they have been doing (according to their constituency’s testimonies I read all over the Internet and hear all over the TV), a marvellous job. 

      I am sure there will be churches in the future, taking care of the people, for as long as there are some that believe them and sustain them – perhaps there will be some “progressive” churches out there that will accept BitCoins as donations and thus set themselves to take advantage of this phenomena early in its life. Who knows?I see this article as provocation of thought, asking the intelligent for a counter-opinion. My hats goes off to you, Mr. MS. 

  • Anonymous

    Also the person who commented a few comments below would definitely be right that a reputation-based society without any organized governing laws would segment population groups dramatically. Hate crimes would likely be off the charts as racism, sexism, and everything else terrible about judging other people takes hold again. Then, if we have enough non-apathetic people who decide to take a stand against the last group of people who turned into a lynch mob, we could very well get an eye for an eye mentality. Though, since there’s no organized deciding force here, how could anything be a “crime” by technicality? We would only have perceived “revenge” and “justice”, which can very much be flawed when left in the wrong hands. As the other commenter noted, the minorities would likely be forced to rejoin their own groups in order to protect themselves via the majority. Just like today we would still have the same old war, just without the trappings of state: us vs them. It would be even harder to progess society into acceptance of other cultures in a world like this where it would be dangerous to live in a land where you are not the majority.

    Society loves to hate those who are different, be it a speech impediment, color of one’s skin, gender choice, or sexual interests. Until we can get over that hate, this type of future is unlikely to be nice.

    • People don’t give a damn about race or sex.

      People care about stuff, and having more of it.

      Hitler created a holocaust by robbing the German people and then using the money he took from them to wage a propaganda campaign against Jews to blame them for the economic problems caused by the first world war.

      The Jews had money and the German people wanted it, so they went along with Hitler’s nonsense because they wanted the Jews stuff.

      They didn’t hate the Jews for being Jews, they hated the Jews because they wanted their stuff.

      If Jews had bitcoins instead of gold and cash, the Germans never would have bothered with them because they never would have been able to get the their loot.

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  • Quigs

    Umm… Hannes Alfven has been dead for almost 20 years.  Don’t think you’ll be bringing him back for many more interviews.  Shame, cause the field of study he helped pioneer (plasma cosmology) is a REALLY intriguing read.

    • Bit of an inside joke for those who know the truth.

  • Nobodyspecial

    That was kind of horrid.  Hi, here’s a paper thin character come to lecture you on vague presuppositions without actually challenging you intellectually.

    • Obviously it sucked so bad that you just had to take the time to comment on it.

      I don’t think you are commenting because you think the article was bad.  It think you are commenting simply because you love coercively funded government.

  • Nice attempt Michael. Needs more of a ‘personal touch’ with a lot more context. Often the mundane is quite revealing.
    I guess I’d refer people to John Titor’s story which probably inspired this.
    If you like forum puzzles it’s a great piece of fiction.

  • Bit Talk

    Hi Michael,
    Great article – An associate and I actually did a complete reading of your article at the end of our last episode.  You can find that here

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mary

    Hi Michael.  Just discovered your site.  Great stuff here.  Thanks so much.

  • Pretty much anything would be better than we have now. 2% of the population controlling 98% of the resources. Manufactured lack. Perpetual war. Taxed at every turn. Working 5 to enjoy 2. Democracies only last for so long before turning into dictatorships because in a democracy the voters keep voting for the candidates that promise the most benefits from the public treasury. Through loose fiscal policies the debt incurred by the STATES becomes insurmountable. Then, when the people finally come to the realization that it’s NOT their debt, they lose faith in the State and because the Statists fear retribution, employ every means available to quash the imminent uprising when the people start calling for their heads.

  • It’s hard to take you seriously when you don’t even know its McDonell-Douglas not McDonald Douglas and went out of business in 1997 and could not have been anywhere near a reference point from the “future time” the guy supposedly came from as of the date of this “interview”.

     Not to mention that its just plain implausible and stupid. 

    But don’t let that stop you!

  • Emmanuel

    So everything will be owned by companies, I will have no freedom to take my food from nature?

    • Emmanuel

      I think that your view of future is cruel. Will everybody have to submit to market?