“Entitlement” Reforms Proposed By The CATO Institute

Dan Mitchell of the CATO Institute has produced a series of short videos in which he makes the case for pushing several federal entitlement programs back down to the state level.  You can watch them below.

I like Dan; however, I hate the violent looting – period.  Which means I don’t see pushing violent looting down the state level as being some kind of answer to our problems.  Any step toward liberty is good, but there comes a point when in theory it is almost better to promote the idea that the feds retain control of the looting monstrosity you call entitlement programs because the feds will most assuredly bankrupt the monetary system in trying to maintain them.

Consider that an anarchist position is most benefited by the destruction of the State monopoly over money.  Further, consider that the destruction of the monetary system is most assured by having the feds retain control over the entitlement programs.

I guess this presents a moral dilemma for me.  Should I get behind Dan’s proposals, which clearly give the public more freedom than they have now, or should I denounce them because they will help to perpetuate the current monetary system that much longer?