LAPD Tyrants Get Smacked Down By Informed Citizen

Oh this is so money.

Mr. Diop Kamau puts the petty tyrants of the LAPD in their place through his use of a video camera and the threat of law suits.

Mr. Kamau was apparently traveling to various police response scenes and video taping the police there by way of using a police scanner.  In response to Mr. Kamau’s video taping, the police initiated harassment against him by pulling him over for a “tinted window” violation.

During the course of pulling him over for the heinous crime of having tinted windows, the police responded by sending six cruisers to the scene in a show of force.  The police then threatened Mr. Kamau with having his car impounded because he didn’t have his vehicle registered in CA (even though he is a Florida resident) if he continued to follow them around and video tape their crimes.

Mr. Kamau responded by basically urging them to do so in order to give him grounds to file a lawsuit.  Then Mr. Kamau told the cops that he was going to file an internal affairs report against them for making such a threat – at which point you can see the criminal tyrants squirm after realizing he had everything they said on tape.

I greatly enjoyed watching the confrontation.  Mr. Kamau’s attitude during the whole thing was spectacular.  He was belligerent and intolerant of the tyranny he was confronted with and did not back down.  Hat’s off to you Mr. Kamau whoever you are.

This is what your tax dollars go to pay for chumps.  Tyrants, keeping you safe from the dangers of tinted windows and out-of-state registration.