UK “Anarchists” Protest Government Spending Cuts

I know; it doesn’t really make any sense to call yourself an anarchist, and then go out an destroy private property because government is cutting spending.

Of course, nothing that socialists do makes any sense because they are inherently trying to rationalize the theft of private property.  Never mind that socialism has killed tens of millions through starvation and has left the third world an impoverished hell hole.  Never mind that it is completely oxymoronic to protest the existence of the State while at the same time engaging in violent protests over a reduction in State “services.”

In the article that is linked below, you will see pictures of thousands of public sector protesters interspersed with a smattering of “anarchists”.  Nearly every single one of them is carrying some sort of sign protesting the spending cuts.  Of those thousands of signs that that appear in the pictures, I was able to pick out less than 10 which were authentic handmade signs.  All of the rest were professionally created mass produced signs.

This should tell you something about the nature of these protests.  There is nothing “grassroots” about them.  These protests are staged stunts by the public sector looter unions.  They are corporate concoctions of evil people demanding that their evil be allowed to continue unhindered.

I personally think they should let the looters keep looting.  I think this is the best way to make sure the currency system collapses.  No State monopoly on currency = No State.  Let the people of the UK roil in violent looting.  Let them devolve into a post-industrial wasteland.  The world will be a safer and better place when the UK is nothing but a third world land of serfs like North Korea.

The Daily Mail reports:

Riot police today swooped and arrested protesters as violence broke out during pension reform protests.

A large group split from the main demonstration, pushing over a fence before being penned in by over 100 police in Central London.

There were some scuffles between officers and protesters after fears that anarchists might infiltrate the march were realised close to Downing Street.

The group was making its way along Whitehall and past Downing Street when the trouble broke out and, after arrests were made, police formed lines with about 40 people hemmed in.

Some of the protesters wore face masks and sunglasses to try and shield their faces while police wore caps and had helmets at the ready by their sides but thankfully they did not have to be used.

When troublemakers were eventually cleared, police tried to clear Whitehall to allow traffic to move more freely but a large group of protesters sat a stage in before they were removed one by one.

Thousands of people gathered in cities across the UK earlier today to take part in mass demonstrations against pension reforms – with scuffles breaking out this afternoon on Whitehall in central London.

A breakout group knocked fences over and charged along the road which runs from the Houses of Parliament.

Pickets were formed outside schools, courts, job centres and airports as public sector workers walked out over the Government’s plans.

The marches will rub salt into the wounds of parents forced to stay at home with an estimated one million children off school, as 750,000 teachers and other public sector workers go on strike.


  • Spot on Mr Suede,  it’s an ‘entitlement culture’ gone mad over here.  Pretend anarchists rioting for more state handouts is pretty hilarious…….but this is a recurring theme in the uk & there’ll be no end to it until we become Albania.


  • Charles

    Anarchists see the cuts as a direct attack on the working class. While the state continues to bail out banks and fund wars with tax payers money they cut services that weaken the working/middle classes. When this sector of society is divided and weak there is no chance of ending statism. Defending the mechanisms in the state that protect and strengthen the working class is one step on the road to eventually abolishing the state. 

    This is a very leftist view but it does not make it illogical or an oxymoron (you can’t have oxymoronic concepts, only oxymoronic phrases, what you mean is ‘contradictory’). Class politics can be used as a way off changing the status-quo and should not be neglected just because of it’s popularity with the left.

    Of course I could argue that Rothbard’s support of a politcal party as a means of Libertarian change was inherently statist and contradictory, but that would be an unfair, over-simplified misrepresentation of his views wouldn’t it?

    The state can be seen as coercive monopoly or an institution to defend capital. Both are a valid analytical perspectives. To dogmatically assert one as the ‘correct’ analysis is naive and impetuous.

    Oh and don’t lump all socialists in with authoritarian centralists and marxists. A business could be run co-operatively, democratically and not for profit without any involvement from a state institution and thus be socialist. But that’s one step closer to North Korea isn’t it?  Oh and if a country was ‘socialist’ it would be ‘2nd world’ not ‘3rd world’ but these terms not longer have academic credibility. 

    Anyway, just worried about your misrepresentation of the anarchist viewpoint on the cuts. 

    • So by your logic, reducing the size of the State is bad, but you don’t want a State.

      That is an illogical viewpoint to have.

      Rothbard felt that any step toward liberty was good, which is why he supported the libertarian party’s ideals.  However, Rothbard wouldn’t have advocated rioting if the State cut handouts, he would have applauded it.

      I could understand rioting because the banks got huge bailouts, but I can not understand rioting because a bunch of socialist leeches are getting fired.

      Socialist anarchists are idiots.  You can’t have socialism without a State.  It is logically impossible.  Someone has to direct the structure of production.   Someone has to allocate resources. There is no possible way for the market to rationally allocate resources without a price structure under a socialist construct.  It necessarily requires a State to accomplish this feat.  This was demonstrated by Mises in his Socialist Economic Calculation Problem.

  • Gregory Mason

    What kind of anarchists were they? I very much doubt they were anarcho liberals. Please be more specific in future.