Judge Has Reporter Arrested For Asking Him Questions On His Way To Court

Watch as a tyrant lies to police officers and makes bogus claims of assault against a reporter because the reporter was asking him why he threw a kid in prison for 5 days for wearing a hat in his courtroom.

This really is one of those “must watch” videos.  The guy walks up to the judge as he enters the courthouse and asks the judge if he thought throwing the kid in jail was a waste of tax payer money.

As the judge gets to the top of the stairs he summons bailiffs, who he then tells to arrest the reporter because he claimed the reporter was threatening him.

After you finish watching the tyrant make a mockery of the justice system, please take the time to read The Tyranny of the Bench by Murray Rothbard.  It’s a short essay that details the enormous and illegitimate power that judges have over the serfs.

Cop Block reports:

Now to most it’s clear that I shouldn’t be charged with a felony, or face any punishment at all, for asking questions. But what happens when a judge clearly ignores a law? Since my hearing is coming up on Thursday I spent some time this weekend preparing subpoenas (thanks to those who helped, much love), getting them notarized and served. The latter happened this morning when (judge) Burke came into work and Jason Raspher was there to serve him. See for yourself what happened!

Yep, Burke refused a legal document that we all know he understands – being a judge and all. Still, I went to the sheriff’s office and paid them $60 to serve Burke. Either way, it highlights how their is a set of rules for them and one’s for us.

If you feel Burke abused his power please take a moment to call the gentlemen below who’ll be prosecuting me or the Keene District Court.

Chris McLaughlin – District Court DA – 603.357.9815

John Webb – Superior Court DA – 603.352.0056

Keene District Court –

Let them know your feelings and remember, I spent 2 days in jail, had to post $5,000 (cash) bail and am still facing Felony charges – for asking questions.