Terrorist Bernanke Claims His Federal Reserve Holds Gold Out Of Tradition

Listen to the man responsible for more global economic destruction than Stalin claim central banks hold gold because it is a tradition.

Ron Paul makes Bernanke look like a total idiot (which he is) as he pounds him with a series of questions about the value of gold as a money.

Ron Paul:  Is gold money?

Terrorist Bernanke: ….*stares blankly into space*…”no.”

If the financial terrorists are holding gold out of “tradition”, then I suppose it would be no big deal if the congress ordered the Fed to give all of its ill-gotten gold holdings back to the public.

Of course, Bernanke would never do such a thing because he knows the dollar is about to have less value than a roll of toilet paper.  Actually, the dollar is already less valuable than a roll of toilet paper.  DAMN IT!  I can’t even make jokes about this crap any more!

  • Anonymous

    Bernanke is my hero, he believes in a God that will pay the bills. Most
    of the stimulus money will wind up in the bedrooms of hookers, they own
    85% of the nations wealth. Lets make the ladies happy,life is too short
    to worry about the future.

  • pool

    Well written, Michael.