Tyrant Pigs Slash Homeless Peoples’ Tents To Pieces

Watch violent terrorists destroy the only shelter these homeless people have because they simply don’t like homeless people.

This went down in January of 2007, but clearly it is so ridiculous it is worth a mention on this blog.  Things have only gotten worse since this video was shot.

Police officers with box cutters showed up where St. Pete’s tent city residents had moved and set up. The cops slashed their tents to the ground as residents watched in shock. Now one homeless group is moving to label St. Petersburg as the ‘meanest city in the nation.’

I’m sure the terrorist pigs who were involved in destroying this property all went home and masturbated to their own faces in a mirror while dreaming about shooting puppies in the face.

Let’s suppose for a moment that these homeless people were trouble makers.  Does that justify destroying their only form of shelter?  Does that justify destroying the little private property they have left?  Why not simply move them out of the area if they are causing problems?  Of course, I doubt the homeless people were causing any real problems other than being what the police considered to be an eyesore.

If the police aren’t busy destroying homeless peoples’ property, they are out arresting those who would dare attempt to feed them.  Click this link to see pigs arrest charity workers for trying to feed homeless people.  I shit you not.  I can’t make this stuff up.

You have to be one cold hearted son of a bitch to destroy the only shelter a homeless person has and then lock up the charity workers who are trying to feed them.

I hope it is starting to sink in that the police hate you.  You are no different to the police than these homeless people.  The police hate your family.  They hate your friends.  And most of them would shoot you dead for not pulling over the instant they turn their cherries on.  The police view you as a serf whom they own.  They can destroy your property whenever they feel like it.  They can murder your family whenever they please.  They can throw you in a dungeon for not kissing their ass.  They simply don’t give a flying fuck about you as a person.

The police should be eliminated and replaced with private security guards.  Only private security, who have to earn their livings by pleasing people, can provide property protection without turning into tyrant douche-bags.

Think about it for more than two seconds.  Private security’s sole job is to protect people and property.  They don’t run around throwing people in dungeons for smoking banned plants.  They don’t run around in armored tanks raiding peoples’ homes because they might be growing banned plants.  They don’t run around stealing homes for unpaid taxes.  They aren’t waiting on the side of the highway ready to leap out and steal your money for going 10 over the  limit.

Listen to this lecture by economist Hans Hoppe to see what such a private law society might look like.



  • Chris

    How do the police rationalize this type of action? They are depriving people of their property doing this. If they are trespassing they can arrest them or make them move out. I don’t see how they think they have to right to destroy property.

  • E.I.A

    I remember that. I was living in St. Pete at the time, going to school. I believe it was Mayor Rick Baker who was behind that one, along with other wastebags. I am not too well traveled, but remember being astonished at the number of homeless there, and having never seen anything comparable. In downtown after dark, they’d make a human sidewalk of blankets and debris, but would always be gone come morning. Not exactly a pleasant sight, but I was always glad they were tolerated anyway.

    What does not seem clear to many thick heads, is that despite such wretched circumstances, these are people, citizens, lives, and cannot simply be redistributed or buried. Taking their belongings, caging them, or moving them to other locations accomplishes nothing more than putting something out of mind – unless we find a positive alternative. It is the equivalent of wearing a mask to treat a tooth infection. It is a burden we should be willing to live as long as we have yet to find an ethical solution. And if that cannot be done, then we should have to live with an “eyesore,” and trade aesthetics for humans rights and self respect.

    There are ways to ensure certain groups do not interfere with commerce or the well-being of others; none of which entail betraying fellow citizens or cowering from reality.

  • E.I.A

    In regards to replacing police with “private security”,

    While I can see the temptation here, I warn you that there are some serious dangers implied with this. Also, consider this as essentially what has already been done with the police. They work for the plutocracy, and many already indirectly work for one-or-another of only a few mega corporations such as G4S (Wackenhut), Geo Group, or Serco. These corporations often manage correctional facilities, detentions facilities, and are even involved with nuclear facilities. Look no further for a military industrial complex.

    History has also shown that when prisons are privatized, things get worse. Read my wiki stub on “Correctional Services Corporation” for a quick reference. Also take note that CSC contracts with the DHS, and all above mentioned corporations are traded on the stock market. So ask yourself: do you think crime should be traded on the stock market? Would not methods of ensuring the profitability of such markets be on the agenda?

    I might even say that privatization is part of the reason why our police have become such scoundrels. They certainly are (figuratively) no longer working for the general public. They maintain enough order to perpetuate the economy, and little more.

    • The supposed “dangers” of private security guards are far less than the obvious dangers the police pose to the general public.

      Private security will be run out of business if they act like a bunch of terrorist, and further more, they are only concerned with protecting property rights.  This is in direct contrast to the police, whose job it is to rob people like a bunch of pirates to fund their departments.

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