Pig Who Beat Schizophrenic Man For Not Zipping Up His Sweater To Be Reinstated

The New Jersey terrorist pig who beat up a schizophrenic man for not zipping up his sweater as ordered is set to be reinstated as a police officer with $200,000 in back pay and an annual salary of $97,294 a year.  This follows on the heels of an agreement by the victim to not sue the city in return for an out-of-court $350,000 cash settlement.

The New Jersey terrorist pig who beat up the handicapped man was prosecuted for the assault.  The pig opted for a bench trial, where there is no jury and the judge decides guilt or innocence.  Unsurprisingly, the judge recently acquitted the pig of brutally beating the victim stating:

Judge Donald J. Volkert Jr. cleared Rios of both charges. In his verdict, Volkert acknowledged that the video shows Rios using a lot of force, but said it was a “textbook” case of police using their power to subdue an unruly man.

Watch the video to see “a textbook case of police using their power to subdue an unruly man.”

The attorney representing the terrorist stated:

“Our position is that Officer Rios should be reinstated as soon as we work out the details,” said his attorney, Anthony Iacullo. “We plan to meet with Mayor Blanco, the City Council and Chief Diaz sometime next week.” … The city is not expected to oppose Rios’ reinstatement

It should be apparent from the video that the terrorist, the judge, the Passaic Police Department, and the attorney who represents the terrorist are subhuman pieces of shit.

This is the kind of man that is “serving and protecting” you from other citizens.  The police are faaaaar more dangerous to the general public than violent offenders.  The public would be better served by arming themselves and getting rid of the police entirely.  Private security, which has to please the public or go out of business, is all that is necessary to have a peaceful society.  Having coercively funded terrorist gorillas running around the streets is a throwback from the times of mid-evil barbarism.

The police hate you.  They hate your family.  They hate your friends.  And they will beat the living shit out of you for not zipping up your sweater.

Praise Mao.