Watch SFPD Pigs Shoot A Man Dead Over Bus Fare – Second Video Proves No Gun

Updated 7/20

The incident began when SFPD officers conducted a fare inspection aboard a municipal light rail vehicle.  Apparently a man who didn’t pay for his ride decided to run from the cops who were doing the inspection.  Because the man decided to run, he was gunned down in cold blood.

In this video, you’ll watch blood spurt from the man as he is surrounded by police, who do nothing but sit back and watch him die.  As the police are watching the man die, the police are surrounded by an angry mob of witnesses who saw the police murder the man in cold blood.  One witness who was interviewed by KTVU on the street said police shot the man in the back as his hands were above his head.

The police on the scene made up a fairy tale about the man pulling a gun and shooting at them, which is contradicted by every single civilian witness who saw the event go down.  I think it is safe to say the police are lying about the man pulling a gun and shooting at them.  No one is going to start a shoot out with the police over bus fare.

In the linked KTVU report below, the reporter claims that the witness who posted this second video of the incident said the object that is circled in this screen clipping was a gun, which was subsequently picked up by a bystander.


First off, the poster of that video said no such thing.  The police said that, not the witness who posted the video.  But more importantly, we can see from this first video that absolutely no one was standing in the wide open area where the “gun” was supposedly laying immediately following the shooting; and the police were looking right into that area for an extended period of time.  If that was really a gun laying on the sidewalk, the police and bystanders would have noticed it immediately.

The object that is laying on the ground is not a gun.  A close inspection of the object reveals that while it is vaguely similar to the outline of a gun, this is only because of shadows.  Any normal handgun will have a grip that extends far enough for a person to wrap their hands around it.

Here is an image of my own handgun in a similar position.  Notice how far down the grip extends.  My handgun is very small, it is a Glock 30 SF.  In this image I even removed the grip extension that is part of the magazine.   If the gun had a clip in it, the grip would extend even further.  Also, the silver object has no apparent trigger guard, which we should expect to see on any normal modern handgun.

The pigs are a bunch of cold blooded murders who shot a man dead over bus fare.  Eventually they will kill you too.  The day will come when you are gunned down by pigs for not feeding a parking meter or j-walking.

First video:

The video that police claim shows a gun:

KTVU reports:

San Francisco police shot a man in San Francisco’s Bayview District early Saturday evening. The man died later that evening from his injuries.

A police spokesman said the shooting began after two uniformed officers conducted a fare inspection on a Muni light rail vehicle.

They detained the man on the platform, but he fled on foot.

During the foot pursuit, police said the suspect fired at the officers, and the officers fired back.

Witnesses had a different story and said police overreacted.

As the man was running he had his hands up in the air, and then hit the ground when he was shot, one witness said.

 Update – it appears I may have egg on my face for this one.

SF Appeal reports:

The victim’s name is 19-year-old Kenneth Harding Jr.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told the Chron that Harding had recently been released from a Washington state prison after convictions in a a King County sex offense.

Harding was, the Chron reports, “a person of interest” in a Wednesday shooting that that killed the pregnant Tanaya Gilbert, 19, and wounded three others.

On Saturday, Harding was detained by patrol officers conducting a fare inspection at a Municipal Transportation Agency light rail stop at Third Street and Palou Avenue at about 4:45 p.m., police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said.

The officers were stationed in the area as part of an increased police presence to respond to recent shootings in the neighborhood, Andraychak said.

Harding ran from the officers and allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot at them as they chased him on foot, police said.

At least one of the officers returned fire and wounded the suspect.

He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at 7:01 p.m., police said.
No officers or witnesses were injured in the shooting.

Amateur video footage of the exchange showed that a passerby picked up the suspect’s handgun in the aftermath of the shootout and took it from the area before investigators were able to establish a crime scene, police said.

With the help of witnesses, police were able to identify the individual who took the gun and retrieved it Sunday afternoon, Andraychak said.

We shall see.  My initial report was based on the testimony of the witnesses who made the videos and the KTVU report.  In those reports, clearly witnesses state police shot the man in the back as he was fleeing with his hands in the air.  Which means even if Harding shot at the officers, the officers have an obligation not to shoot back if Harding demonstrated a willingness to cease violence.


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  • guest

    I sympathize with your anger completely. For the first  24 hours I was fuming. I almost wrote a flaming post, but was too fatigued to do so, and instead waited until I was more calm. I am glad I did so. I have no criticism for your words, as what they have done warrants outrage and aggressive prosecution. But in my response-article, I tried to offer at least a measure of contrast, and showed one example of officers holding back. Please do not mistake this for a police apology; I am furious myself, and am well aware of the police-state which now threatens normal civilians and offers impunity to tyrants. I simply hope to encourage a little balance, and not become as insane as them. There are still good officers and bad civilians. The difference I myself emphasize is the greater responsibility held by officers, and therefor the need to hold them to it in proportion. When they take the calculated risk of duty, they cannot be permitted squander the lives of others because they “thought” they observed a threat, or saw “something”. If that works for them, it should work for us too, and that would be a real mess.

    Be safe. And keep that Glock clean, and properly (legally) concealed – They are looking for trouble, and they are looking hard.

  • OutragedAgain

    It’s not a gun. At exactly 0:15 in fullscreen mode, where the object is close to the bottom right, you can see the shadows clear up…there’s almost no “grip.” The object is most likely a flattened can of some sort. Also, cops got there long before the crowd, as we can see from the 2nd Angle video. You bet your sweet ass they would’ve been on that if it was a gun.

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  • Uradick

    completely incompetent journalism. He killed a few people the week before even. Try researching before you post shit as news.

  • Neognosis2012

    Where exactly does it show a passerby picking up a gun? The guy that points at the ground and pics up something that looks like a wallet was a good 20 feet from where the “gun” was laying on the ground. Where people playing kick-the-can with a gun laying on the ground? Did the guy with the camera forget to get a good close-up on the “gun” as he walked past it?

  • E.I.A

    I have made a mistake of my own and will have to face it accordingly. However, the comment above is as intolerant as it is unreasonable. Mistakes are often made, and a correction has been made to the post in fair time. If the individual above wished to rebuild whatever empire he’d built upon this single post, this could easily be done either by searching the past, or simply waiting a day or two as the next similar event occurred.

    I myself have used this article to base another article on, and I obviously prefer not to have my writings riddled with errors; but I hold no grudge, and regretfully say, more opportunities are on the way. If anything, I am glad the beast was taken down, and that no others were harmed. This is almost good news.

    It does illustrate something substantial in itself when otherwise rational people begin to fault the police by default. More often than not these days, they are not in error.

    A most sincere “oops” to all, from “me too”.

    PS: For what it’s worth – trust me or not – I have personally experienced police falsify evidence, and have had very good (and responsible) friends harmed by them. I remember when I was 17, I had one try to nearly choke me to death for being sarcastic – the guy literally grabbed my throat with both hands and began thrashing me until I had to fight back just to get my next breath. *Aggravated assault/battery on a minor* A bunch of goons came out of nowhere to join the fun, and it was ONE good officer who intervened and saved my ass; ONE out of TEN! I could go on without much effort.