Fullerton CA Pigs Beat Homeless Man To Death

This was reported by Fulterton’s Future:

Apparently 6 pigs beat the man to death for an unknown reason.

Story here.

While we are at it:

Newark Cop: “I Can Do Whatever the Hell I Want”

72-yr-old woman is pulled over for speeding, then tasered and sent to jail

Quartzsite, Arizona Update July 21: Chief Suspends 80% of Police Force – because they filed ethical complaints against him.   Hmmmm…. I wonder if those complaints have any merit.

Pig To CCW Holder: “I Should Have Put Ten Bullets In Your Ass And Let You Drop” For Legally Carrying

If its not apparent yet, the nation’s police are totally out of control and need to be disbanded in favor of private security guards and private security services that are voluntarily funded and held accountable through market forces.



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  • Bakersfield cops killed a man in front of his two children, the cop that shot him said he feared for his partners life cuz the man that was shot had swung a PLASTIC bag with two EMPTY beer cans in it at his partner. They justified the use of deadly force and hes back to work. Its bull crap, Kern county is out of control, just read the book called “mean justice” not only are the cops and sheriffs and chp out of control, but our court system is overwhelming our prison system here in California because our corrupt DA and court system is sending people especially first time offenders to prison at an alarming rate and there seems to be no end in sight! We need to do something soon people, or everyone that spits on the sidewalk will windup doin life in prison!

    • Yes there is MONEY in sending everyone to prison….pigs will always be pigs!

  • oh geesus lawd!

    this is straight up MURDER! but they will get away with it….

  • David T.

    The Fullerton Pigs who killed the mentally-ill homeless man must be put down.