Mundane Electrocuted And Water Boarded By US Captors For Not Signing Confession Statement

Listen to this mundane’s treatment at the hands of US / Pakistani captors for the non-crime of refusing to sign a confession:

This guy’s story reminds me of that scene out of Missing In Action 2 where the Vietnamese are torturing Braddock in order to elicit a confession out of him.

Let’s see – they hung him, they beat him, they water boarded him, and they electrocuted him, all to get him to sign a confession.  Sounds like our prison guards are trying to reenact the entire movie.

Too bad Murat Kurnaz isn’t Chuck Norris.  We already know what happens to people who attempt to do harm to Chuck Norris.  They get a fist sandwich… through their skull.


  • Fatman

    Are you nuts its pretty obvious this guy is a terrorist.