The Largest Street Gang In America

Watch pigs commit murder, aggravated assault, battery, trespassing, mayhem, destruction of private property, etc.. etc.. etc.. in this hour long cornucopia of police brutality.

This is probably the best video I have ever seen in my life on police brutality.

5 stars.

The Largest Street Gang in America

BoilingFrogs | Myspace Video

The police are not your friends, and calling on them to help you with a problem perversely puts you at more risk for harm than managing the problem yourself.

For one possible solution to this madness, see this presentation on private law by Austrian economist Hans Hoppe.

  • Charles Tunning

    You know, I never used to like police states but now that I’m living in one I don’t feel so bad about it.

    It even kind of angers me to see people bashing the police on the internet so I often defend them. 

    They put their lifes on the line, so even when videos of bad police crop up you kinda gotta feel for them. It must be so stressful to do the things they are asked to do on a daily basis.  When they put on that uniform the have to set aside their humanity to do their job, how can you not sympathize with such people.  They care about us so hard that they feel have to do this stuff and risk their health just to keep us safe.  How can you not feel for those people – our protectors.

    And another thing – we only ever see the videos where police hurt or kill people. Rarely do we get to see the videos where they show leniency or kindness.  People don’t realize that these unseen videos are the most important because they show the police giving a person a second chance. They are practically giving them back however many years of their lifes that their crime would have landed them in jail for.

    I was once wrongfully arrested by the police and though they held me for days they were so kind to me.  One of the guards gave me several pieces of chewing gum during my stay right out his own pocket and would let me read his newspaper when he was done with it.  They are really just people like us.

    • I’m have a hard time trying to tell if you are being serious or joking.
      If you are being serious, you must be one of the most pathetic emasculated men I’ve ever came across in my life.

      If you are joking, then I’m laughing my fucking ass off.

      • Reddit

        He is making use of satire. It can be effective.

      • Exuberant1

        I am joking.  It is I, Exuberant1.

        Glad you liked it.

        I tried to write what a person with Stockholm syndrome would write whilst paying homage to the “the things I must do for my country poor me, how I suffer” mindset that the leaders of the Waffen SS encouraged in their men to help sustain morale in the face of the horrible crimes they were committing.

        I figured this could be incorporated quite well into an example of the ravings of one the millions of Americans Afflicted with Stockholm syndrome who use the internet to practice and indulge their defense mechanism. 

        When all this is over and Ron Paul gets elected, I predict Stockholm Syndrome will be the new mind-fad such as depression is today.  Shrinks with a libertarian mindset will be uniquely suited to profit in this new environment.

        • Your satire was so good that “Stockholm syndrome” is honestly the first thing that popped into my head as I read it.  

          I was like – “is this guy for real?”

          • Exuberant1

            Thanks, that what I was trying to convey.

            I went through the Stockholm checklist while writing it, but honestly it might have been easier –  albeit less original – to just visit some of the larger forums and use some of the Clovers’ posts for inspiration.  Lord knows there are millions of people afflicted with the syndrome posting on the internet.

            Of course with the HB Gary software and variations thereof we can longer be sure whether or not the grovelling little shits are actually real or just some overpaid government troll running scripts. 

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