America Has Two Choices – Ron Paul or War

After watching the GOP presidential candidates debate at the Iowa Straw Poll, one thing became abundantly clear to me.  If America elects anyone other than Ron Paul to the presidency, America will be embroiled in a new war, most likely with Iran.

There is only ONE candidate running for the presidency that has unequivocally stated he will end the wars, bring the troops home, slash military spending, and not embroil the US in more blood shed.  And that candidate is Ron Paul.  Every other GOP candidate who has spoken on the issue of militarism has openly declared that they will expand military spending, militarism, and view any attempt by Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon as justification for launching a war against them.

On the Democrat side of the house, Obama has shown a willingness to expand the wars in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, and has even been so bold as to launch military strikes in multiple other countries without the consent of their governments.   It should be clear by now to everyone that Obama has no intention of stopping American militarism around the world nor will he bring any significant number of troops home.  The Democrats in congress have had plenty of time to slash military spending but have failed to do so.  Military spending under the Obama administration is at record breaking levels.

If Democrats vote for Obama instead of Ron Paul (by not registering as Republicans to vote in the GOP primary election for Ron Paul), we can almost be totally assured that more militarism will follow on the heels of the next general election.  Both sides of the aisle have been busy pushing war propaganda aimed at demonizing Iran while hyping threats of terrorism.  Further, the Keynesian warmongers have been busy hyping war as a cure for America’s economic condition.

Consider this clip of Nobel Prize winning neo-Keynesian economist Paul Krugman making the claim that either a new war or staging a fake alien invasion would cure America’s economic problems within 18 months.   This is a classic Broken Window Fallacy argument.  Even a grade schooler should be able to see why such claims are ludicrous.  When resources are diverted into war or pointless exercises, obviously this means that those resources are not available for productive uses by private enterprise.

For example, consider if the government hired all the computer programmers in the nation to create programs for the military.  The government could theoretically get close to accomplishing this since it could print the money necessary to make this happen.  By offering a higher salary than any private enterprise could match, government could literally starve the private market of computer programmers.

The consequences of such a move would be disastrous for private industry.  With no programmers left available to the private sector, companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft would go out of business; and every other web site and application that needs updating would be left to rot.

Prosperity can only come about when resources are left in the hands of private individuals motivated by profit.  In order to make a profit, a business owner must meet consumer needs in a beneficial way or they will be run out of business.  Only private businesses in a free market can create new wealth in an efficient manner, since only private businesses face a profit and loss test by the market which tells them if they are creating goods that people are willing to voluntarily pay for.

Government faces no profit and loss test with any of its programs since all of its programs are funded through the use of coercion.  This creates a situation called the Economic Calculation Problem which precludes government from being able to rationally allocate resources in an economy.

Setting that brief economics lesson aside, it should disturb everyone that there is only ONE candidate in the entire presidential race that will work to end the wars and stop the spread of militarism.  America is no longer the economic powerhouse of yesteryear as government regulations, subsidies, militarism, taxation, bailouts, grants, no bid contracts, and other forms of fascist cronyism have destroyed its once powerful industrial base.  America can not afford a new war.  American can not even afford its current welfare systems, let alone a new money pit of waste and misery such as a war with Iran.

Stop the spending.  Stop the wars.  Vote Ron Paul.