Canadian Pigs Smash Homeless Man’s Head For No Apparent Reason

The Ottawa Sun reports:

Tasha Doucette can’t get the sound of the stranger’s skull hitting the sidewalk out of her head.

“Ka-thunk” is how she describes what she heard, sometime after 6 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Osgoode and Henderson streets in Sandy Hill.

The University of Ottawa criminology student was on her way home from a marathon hospital visit with her teenage camp-counsellor daughter.

They had just come out of Mac’s with drinks when they found a man sleeping in the fetal position on the sidewalk at the corner.

Hoping to set a good example for her daughter, Doucette called 911 and waited on the phone until cops arrived about four minutes later. The pair of officers thanked her. Instead of heading home, Doucette and her daughter hung around to discreetly watch, from behind a nearby hedge.

What they saw is now under investigation by the SIU.

They allege the man was picked up off the sidewalk and then shoved three times in the chest with open palms by one of officers, according to Doucette.

“The man was waking up and after the third push, the police officer went behind and took his arm behind his back,” said Doucette. “I was amazed they were treating him like this. He was sleeping on the street.”

She said the man wasn’t being violent or making any noise at all.

“After they had his hands behind his back they gave him a push and he landed like a tree would fall, head-first, into the pavement,” she said. “It was really bizarre. The way that it happened was absolutely horrible.”

She took out her phone and shouted at the police about their actions.

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Of course, Ms. Doucette naively believed that the police are there to protect and serve the public.  Hopefully this incident will open her eyes to the true nature of police departments.

I have to question what Ms. Doucette thought the police were going to do to the homeless man?  Did she actually think they would swing by and offer the guy a ride to a near by shelter?

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Did she really think that is what would happen when she called the police?

Allow me to show you what typically what happens when the police are called to deal with homeless people who are sleeping peacefully in a public space:

The image is of Kelly Thomas’ face after the CA Fullerton Police Department got done beating him.

Witness interview:

Solutions to the problem of police brutality can be found here.