Ron Paul Wins 83% of a 17,783 Person Straw Poll On ATS

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I’m proud to say that I am a gold content contributor on ATS.

ATS is not just about alien conspiracy theories.  There is a very diverse and highly educated crowd that covers political, economic, and scientific issues.  I highly recommend that libertarian minded people check out the political boards on ATS.

  • Eccentricintelligenceagency

    And: – I thought Jones did a good job offering further perspective on Ron Paul, and elections

  • Exuberant1

    Ron Paul is probably the most frightening person in the country to a good number of people.

    We know what he means to us, but think of what he means for those who have actively participated in the destruction of the country:

    Ron Paul as President means millions of tax feeders will be kicked away from the trough.

    Ron Paul as President means jail time for thousands. And Fines too.

    The most frightening part that the worst of bunch are likely thinking about:  All those laws they passed to make it easier to torture and imprison, every black site set up, every mercenary drawing their pay from the US government, every wicked system they put in place – all of that can be turned around in an instant and used against the very people who created and enabled it. 

  • That would be the purest most poetic justice, hoisted by their own petard. I would prefer something like Levinworth for these types, death is too easy. Break blocks into powder and then mix into concrete and break again, for life.