Cleveland GOP Cheats Ron Paul: Your Poll Vote is Urgently Needed

The Daily Paul reports:

On Wednesday, I posted how the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) — the county where Cleveland, Ohio is located — had an online straw poll for President. Someone within the Party had twice manually revised down the vote total for Ron Paul, purposely skewing the vote in favor of establishment candidates (see original post:…). The Daily Paul community came through big, voting Ron Paul up so high so fast that the RPCC decided to pull the poll altogether.

Since they pulled the poll, the RPCC has claimed they traced the vote total to a single IP address, thereby wholly delegitimizing the vote, and further trying to mock, alienate, and write off Ron Paul and his supporters. Fortunately, I have contacted a reporter with a reputable Cleveland paper who intends to run this story. We have well documented the RPCC’s actions and she has everything she needs except for one crucial thing…

The reporter wants us to recreate the massive vote surge on a “test” online poll that she created on a site

I wouldn’t put it past those scumbags to pull a stunt like this.

The GOP has been running scared of Paul this entire time.

To help run up the poll results, go to this site and simply click yes or no.  It doesn’t matter what you chose.


  • Jerry4400

    You have to know that if “THEY” can’t get rid of RP by ignoreing him “THEY”will find another way.
    The thing that the GOP can’t stop now is that they have showen there true nature of corruption and “take who we give you or nothing at all”.We have always knowen that our votes ment nothing,now they have proven it.