• lol, classic.

    • Anonymous

      The way they posted this poll without naming Ron Paul simply shows the sheer corruption and cowardice of US News. Such a sad statement about American mainstream journalism/media. COWARDS!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Go Ron Paul

  • Dr. Kwyatt

    It keeps climbing =P

  • Anonymous

    Have you bookmarked Ron Paul Flix yet? Google it.

  • Five of them aren’t in the race! Just goes to show ya, the dems and the republicans are not capable of making a decision on their own! And that’s not funny!

    • Jcalex2

      And these people are somebody`s neighbor.These people have families;I feel sorry for their children.
      These people are lying everywhere one sees them..at the grocery store,at the Barber Shop,even at church.
      Try to imagine being one of them…..it`s hard isn`t it?
      You may ask yourself!;what kind of a person is this,that can do such things to another,and then go home and tell their family how much they love them…hug the kids,then kiss the wife in vain….. and it`s all just one big lie.
      PLEASE!! Remember!! they live next to someone.

  • Gooooo, Dr. “Other”!  Ron Paul for the WIN!

  • That poll is from last February…

  • Although Ron Paul is not included by name,we all know the category marked “Other” and garners 60.39% of the vote at time of this response belongs to our Next POTUS,Dr Ron Paul

  • Jresinblunt

    LOVE this!!    next they will say the “other” is actually Donald Trump!

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  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is our only chance.  I like honesty and can still spot it when it appears.  Spread the word!

  • JAR

    So then we can assume that Rick Perry took the 60%? LOL!

  • Rapunzel1913

    Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul2012 Ron Paul 2012  get it, got it, good. We want Ron Paul. We the people can not be stopped. Bring back liberty

  • Did anyone see Oblunders release of video today? HYSTERICAL! He Failed so badly. youtube.com/watch?v=KW6MvdTV8C4

  • X_spade

    Geee… I wonder who K.(other) is?
    Oh, it’s Ron Paul and the write in votes for The Rock, mostly the former.

  • That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!


  • OTHER! HAHAHA that is effing SWEET!!! GO RON!

  • Other was misspelled!
    Proper spelling is RON PAUL!!

  • Zafnatpanea407

    They must have renamed Ron Paul “other”. Congratulations other!

  • Ron Paul 2012!

  • U.S.Tabloids

    The leading GOP candidate not even in your poll.  What a bunch of ZIONIST lacky’s!!

  • H. Skip Robinson

    K. Other – Dr. Ron Paul  

  • Eric Imhoff

    Please tell me that Ron Paul is K.

  • Lenofrank23

    The Far Right (Fascist) have got it really bad now.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s official, now.  This should settle any and all disputes and arguements.  The Main Stream Media is nothing but PROPAGANDA!

  • Roseinnw

     lollll!……Ron Paul 2012!

  • Mike Dawkins

    wow they included non-contenders such as Mike Huckabee, Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour!!!  Yet they excluded people who are declared candidates, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Herman Cain!  US News has lost all credibility.

    Additionally, out of the exclusions–Ron Paul had a statistical tie in the Iowa Ames Straw Poll for first place!!!

  • How bout them bopples?

  • Whougan

    Fuck the mainstream media

  • Other = RON PAUL! f u US NEWS!


  • Anonymous

    my vote is for other in this poll and No other in the primary and presidential polls.


  • Basmedia

    hahahaha! You can try.. But this time the people will make their own choice instead of what is being told!! It has to be…

  • Ron Paul 2012

  • Craig Scott

    No wonder why US News’ circulation is next to nil. Taking government
    handouts to keep this establishment publication propped up. I am sorry they are
    afraid of the freedom that Ron Paul is about :^)

  • Gosh, who could the 60.39% other be. I just don’t know! LOL

  • Sevika

    OMG, this is wonderful.  We’re going to win, you know.

  • Hilarious. Can’t stop us! Go Ron Paul!

  • Anonymous

    This is hilarious.  We need to have a you tube video about the super hero who by day is the mild mannered Ron Paul and by night is the caped, mysterious Other Man, whose super power is that he is invisible to the mainstream media.

    •  What a awesome idea,that would be really something.Are you going to make the video? I don’t quite know how to do that one.or I would make it.<3

    •  I shared your idea on my wall,hope you don’t mind.

  • Bobakimbo

    This would be much funnier and more relevant if the poll wasn’t from February, and it included Rick Perry, Gary Johnson, and Hermann Cain. I don’t doubt that most of the “other” votes are for Ron Paul, but let’s be careful not to present facts in a less than honest manner.

  • Lisa Muldrew

    I hope Hernmain Cain is the 60% of the other….Thanks for listing him…

  • Musicjunkie701

    haha, that-is-what-you-get-ness.

  • Musicjunkie701

    haha, that-is-what-you-get-ness.

  • Where’s Ron Paul?  

    Wait…   There he is.

    Why are they calling him “Other”?

  • Buddy Guthrie

    ummm, why was ther person who won second in the Iowa straw poll not included?ummm, why was the man who recently destroyed all candidate in the young republican polls not included?
    ummm, why dont you as a news organization do your jobs and honestly report on the news not just try to push your agendas?do you wonder why people dont read the paper, or take the news seriously anymore?

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  • Stephendupont

    Go Ron Paul!! Massachusetts loves you!!



  • we have to go door to door not everybody knows and if the media has there way they wont. have to get people to vote for him in primaries but i thing the votingmachines will be rigged

  • we have to go door to door not everybody knows and if the media has there way they wont. have to get people to vote for him in primaries but i thing the votingmachines will be rigged

  • I will pick OTHER before any of those listed.

  • freedom4um.com

    Another win for Ron Paul!

  • Megan

    hahaha. The People speak!

  • lmfao this is hilarious 😉

  • he wont be doctor who too much longer, they will have to start advertizing dr ron paul or there will be more and more blowbacks

  • x x

    RON PAUL! Why is he not an option on this poll????

  • x x

    /so, I’d like to see some real, honest reporting on these results – like RON PAUL was mentioned in how many comments? Any other report you can come up with is a lie and not reporting at all.

  • No matter what they change Ron Paul’s name to,They will never stop us!! R3VOLUTION TIME!!!
    Ron Paul 2012 no matter what.

  • Peacefulpatriots

    Other= Ron Paul

  • Infuseconcepts

    RON PAUL 2012!  Make sure to change your Party Affiliation to Republican if you want to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries… in some states not being a registered Republican will disqualify you from voting for him in the primaries.  Be sure to check your local state laws.

  • Rick Perry isnt on there either. They will probably give him the credit instead of Paul.

  • Labrown4blues

    Are these Mo Fos nuts? This media manipulation alone would be enough to sway me toward Paul if I was not already leaning toward supporting him

  • MaryTFic

    Ron Paul!!!!! 

  • Ron Paul 2012

  • JulieTheJewel

    …and this, my friends, is what is wrong with this country.

  • Anonymous

    Other would have a lot of Perry in it too, to be honest. “Gardasil Rick” Perry for dog catcher! OK, for assistant dog catcher. What this sick country needs is a doctor!

  • Yea… RON PAUL !!  Or should say “OTHER”

  • Sbc


  • here we go again. get out the pitchforks and torches

  • Svtbass

    Where is ROn Paul? he almost had double the votes as Romney