Watch People Get Arrested For Selling Lemonade

So you thought the cops were only keeping you safe from drugs?  It turns out the pigs are busy keeping you safe from lemonade as well.  Notice how everything is perfectly peaceful at the beginning of the video.  The violence doesn’t start until the pigs show up on the scene.

The permit requirement is illegitimate and serves no purpose other than to protect existing retailers from competition.  There is no legitimate reason why the government should restrict where or how people can sell goods and services.

Permit laws end up resulting in lemonade vendors going to jail – which costs the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, court costs, police time, and prison expenses. Victimless crimes are always illegitimate.  The only victims in this fiasco are the tax payers and lemonade vendors. Each one of those arrests represents thousands of dollars of tax payer money wasted.

I salute you my dear lemonade protesters.  It takes balls to stand up to the State and denounce its violent laws against victimless crimes.  How many of you readers out there have the guts to get arrested for sake of proving a point?

People say joining the military takes balls – I can tell you that, as a former serviceman, it takes way more guts to intentionally face down a violent armed pig by operating an illegal lemonade stand.

If you would like to see more videos and stories like this one, check out this post.  For a more detailed account of what happened, check out Meg McClain’s blog.  And for a complete breakdown of why licensing laws are ineffective and dangerous, read this article.

Fox News interviews one of those arrested for the heinous crime of selling lemonade without State permission:

  • Christine Gordon

    Thank you for the support! I really enjoyed reading this article, and I have reposted to my facebook for the three of my friends who were arrested! 🙂

  • Factorniner

    She’s such a stud-ette!
    Meg McLain Tells Fox News About Her Arrest for Selling Lemonade

    (because it all ends at 10…..)