8 Grams of Thorium Could Replace Gasoline In Cars

Normally I auto-ignore any article that utilizes claims of anthropogenic global warming as a call to action, but in this case the author is bringing some technology to my attention that I was unfamiliar with.

I’ve seen a few other links around the web involving thorium powered batteries, but I never really paid much attention to them.  It appears that I should have.

Peakoil.com reports:

In 2004, Thorium plasma batteries made their debut as compact portable devices that could provide reliable power for 3-7 years, non-stop, without a recharge. Three inventors came up with 3 different but similar designs and all three worked flawlessly – providing a green alternate energy source with no adverse safety or environmental concerns.

Since these stand-alone batteries can be manufactured in various sizes consider the following applications:

* Laptop and other PCs
* Electric bicycles & scooters
* Automobiles
* Trucks
* Ships & Barges

But think BIG and one of these plasma batteries the size of a shoebox could power a complete 5 bedroom house and every appliance in it. Or one the size of Hummer could power a complete 300 unit condominium complex without any external power grid connection. But think even bigger still… A battery the size of that same 5 bedroom house could power the City of Dayton – by plugging it into the local power grid. And there would be zero emissions. Thorium plasma power can eliminate every coal plant in the world in less than 5 years. But it gets better still…

If we were to drive electric cars and trucks powered by plasma battery technology, we could reduce global warming by 30% within five years and perhaps 50% within a decade. But what is good for mankind and our grandchildren poses a huge threat of financial loss to others – primarily big oil and politicians. Here is why…

While two-faced politicians talk about greening the world every four years just before they face elections, they are being wined and dined by big oil (Remember the Cheney-Enron affair?) to complicitly keep us addicted to oil. Why?

Because roughly 43% of all revenues paid for gasoline and other fuels are collected by the government in taxes, and these taxes provide more than a third of the nation’s operating budget. Adopting green Thorium plasma battery technology would reduce national oil consumption by more than 85% and how would our pols get by with 33% less tax revenues. Once gotten, graft is no sot easy to surrender as one Senator told me last year – “It would be easier to quit smoking after 10 years of chain smoking!”

I agree with Peakoil’s assessment of the situation as it is the only one that makes any plausible sense to me.

MIT Professor Eugene Mallove on Coast to Coast


 This is a 2-hour video made to accompany a recorded radio broadcast from 2004. It was transmitted on Coast-to-Coast AM and features Eugene Mallove who was murdered later that same day.

All inventors who have been publicly known to have worked with thorium battery technology, such as Dr. Mallove, have been murdered or have gone missing.  (Inventors working on other technologies have also died under odd circumstances.)

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  • exuberant1

    Most of the patents for thorium technology have expired.

    I see statists lamenting this, talking about it like it is a bad thing because anyone can just compete of they have the resources., how there ought to be more laws, etc.

    If this thorium battery technology is all it is cracked up to be then I hope it remains as open-source as possible. The benefits of this would be amazing.

  • Piolenc

    Looks like they’re mixing up several technologies, at least one of which is fanciful. Sure would love to see the patents, or even have the inventor’s name, for this miracle shoebox-sized battery that powers two houses. Somehow I doubt there’s any more to this than wishful thinking. The thorium/U233 fuel cycle that I know about is not going to be implemented in a shoebox.

    • Sanford

      I suggest you all google “Thorium Plasma Battery Technology”

  • Kettles

     If you take the time to read this confession form a Department of Energy employee, you will understand why we are not already using this cool technology in our cars, truck, and trains,


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