Feds Loot Google For Half a Billion Dollars

The looters have decided that Google should pay half a billion dollars to them for the heinous crime of allowing foreign pharmacies to advertise their services through Google.

CNBC reports:

Regulators will announce Wednesday that Google will pay $500 million to settle government charges that it has illegally shown ads for online pharmacies that operate outside the law, according to two people briefed on the investigation…Web sites are liable for ads on their sites from advertisers that break federal criminal law.

I have to question why in the hell web site operators are responsible for what their advertisers chose to advertise.  This is like holding a gun shop owner liable for guns that he ends up selling to murderers.   But it is even worse than that, because there are no victims if a legitimate foreign pharmacy issues drugs to willing consumers.

Why shouldn’t people be able to buy the prescription drugs they feel they need from an online pharmacy without having to bother with a doctor’s prescription?

How many people would run out and buy toxic chemo-therapy drugs if they didn’t truly need them?  How many people would run out and buy penis-pills if they didn’t feel they truly needed them?  How many people would run out and buy painkillers if they didn’t feel they needed them?  Why should a doctor and the State stand in the way of personal medical choice?

Isn’t it the patient who should decide what drugs they need and when they should take them?  Isn’t the doctor’s job to simply provide a medical opinion that a patient can then chose to act upon or ignore?  Isn’t the role of the medical profession to guide patients into making correct medical decisions, not to make those decisions for the patient?

The State does not have any legitimate right to stand in the way of individuals making their own medical choices.  And certainly the State has no right to loot Google for half a billion dollars for simply allowing foreign pharmacies to advertise through them.  Google should have told the Feds to shove it.  They should have gone to a jury trial.

For you Google users out there, half a billion could easily pay for something as exciting and useful as Google Maps, Google Sky, or Gmail.  Had that money been left in Google’s hands, I’m sure we all would have benefited from some new project that Google would have provided to us for free.  Instead, that money will now be used to fund war and the welfare state.