Meet Cliff Kincaid, Virulent Supporter of State Run Radio Programs

Cliff is the clown who went after Adam Kokesh’s show on RT with an FEC complaint which claims that, since RT is funded in part by the Russian government, Kokesh’s declaration of support for the Ron Paul campaign on his show constituted a breach of federal election laws.

Cliff edits and runs America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) , a pro-fascist web site which is supposedly dedicated to uncovering communists in the US government and media.  Like all good fascist reporters, Cliff has written a litany of articles demanding increased American government spending and interventionism across the globe, while at the same time singling out various groups to target with biased hate speech.

Consider what Cliff thinks about homosexuals:

“The reason the Soviets looked at homosexuals as possible agents was because they had personality problems and they could be exploited,” the conservative activist explains. “And this is what happened in the Manning case. There are some indications he was part of a network of secret homosexuals in the armed forces.”

Obviously it wasn’t because Manning was fed up with how our government was behaving, it was purely because communists managed to subvert his weak homosexual mind – LOL.

What did Manning actually say was his reasoning for releasing the classified info?

Manning: hypothetical question: if you had free reign over classified networks for long periods of time … say, 8-9 months … and you saw incredible things, awful things … things that belonged in the public domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC … what would you do? …

Moving on to the ASI’s mission statement:

ASI exposes the international communist movement. Our ongoing efforts include a project to educate the public about the influence and activities of Communist agents in America, including members of the terrorist Weather Underground and Frank Marshall Davis, who was Barack Obama’s childhood mentor.

Cliff’s vigor to expose communists is eerily reminiscent of Joe McCarthy.  He seems to have this belief that anything which is not pro-militarism is inherently anti-American, and therefore a product of communism.

Consider the logic employed by Cliff in this article.  Cliff whines that the closing of Voice of America’s Russian service was essentially a commie plot.  I find this wildly humorous considering that VoA is a State funded propaganda outlet that has ties to American intelligence agencies.  Wiki notes that:

The United States Information Agency (USIA) has always been an overt white propaganda organization. Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, as distinct from the Voice of America (VOA), had been clandestinely funded through the CIA, but, with the VOA, now all come under the authority of a quasi-public corporation, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). BBG was part of USIA until 1999.

So Cliff, you support State funded propaganda networks when they suit your interests, but when they don’t, it must purely be because of communists – right?  Do you Orwell much?

I mean for Christ sake the guy says:

Maybe Americans consider the VOA Russian Service to be a mere relic of the Cold War, unnecessary in free Russia, but in fact it has been one of the last sources of independent information for Russians. It has irritated Russian authorities. Putin has managed to close it with the Americans’ hands.

This guy’s logic is so full of fail that I have a hard time believing anyone could possibly take him seriously.  Let’s break down Cliff’s chain of logic.  The American government should shutdown RT because it is a State funded propaganda network; however, it is purely a communist plot if the Russian government manages to shutdown a CIA operated propaganda network in their own country.  – Hey, at least RT isn’t operated by Russian intelligence.

But why stop there?

In the very same article Cliff goes on to state:

Anti-Americanism has become the basis of Russian foreign policy nowadays. Hatred of America is hatred of democracy.

Clearly Russia’s desire to not have a CIA run propaganda radio network broadcasting across their country means they hate Americans and democracy.  Clearly Russia’s desire to not have multiple American wars right off of their boarders means they are simply anti-American.  Clearly Russia’s desire to not have the world’s reserve currency be debased through reckless money printing means they must be communists that don’t believe in private property rights at all.  It’s all just a communist plot to turn America into a State run collectivist prison camp.

In the course of attacking Kokesh’s show, Cliff yammers on about anti-American values the show supposedly spews, while completely neglecting to point out that the primary thrust of the show is to encourage limited government, free market principles, and non-interventionist foreign/domestic policy.  How in the world is that anti-American or communist?  Kokesh pushes the limited government principles espoused by the US Constitution practically every episode!

Kokesh, a former American military veteran, was given full editorial control over his show.  The Russian government had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the show.  Contrast that with the editorial control over VoA content, then consider which one of the two is really a State run propaganda outlet.

Cliff accuses Kokesh of not attacking Russian policies, while singling the American government.  I find this to be another Orwellian leap of logic.  If Cliff really believed in limited government, then why in the hell would he attack a show whose sole purpose is to encourage the American public to support a more limited government?  Of course, Cliff is wrong in his assertion that Kokesh has never attacked the Russian government.  Check out this show at time 13:00 and this show at time 24:22.   I suppose Putin himself is directing Kokesh to publicly mock him and call him pooty-poot Putin, right Cliff?  It’s all a commie plot to make Kokesh look like he is against the Russian strongman!

In summary, Cliff Kincaid is a bigoted fascist supporter of big government who wants more American intelligence run propaganda radio programs broadcast around the world.

By the way Cliff, if you happen to read this article, your web sites look like a two year old slapped them together.


Russia Today responds to accusations of bias due to its acceptance of State funding.

  • Standupg

    Cliff Kincaid is an idiot who cannot distinguish a friend from a foe. He targeted Adam Kokesh, and spent time and energy  finding a way to attack him and his show. Ending in a complaint with the FEC. Mr. Kincaid I will not forget. I will not forgive.

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  • Cliff is backed by Richard Mellon Scaife family of foundations, which also backs the UN-loving CSIS. I wonder if that would burn Cliff’s grits. And yes, his website is sooo 1995.

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  • Joseph

    Another place to check is under your bed or in your closet when the lights are off. That is were they iike to hide. Ask any four year old.
    How long will it be before you change the name from Libertarian News to Ignoarnt Cowards Newsletter?

    You will note that my comment is the only one that has my real name – no pseudo name. The squirrel eating a walnut on my window sill has body lice smarter than any libertarian I have ever met.