Updates In Tyranny

DOJ raids guitar factory

Mass. Police Shut Down 12-Year-Old’s Green Tea Stand

NYPD confirms CIA officer works at department

NATO nations set to reap spoils of Libya war

Teacher Calls Cops Over Student’s Saggy Pants

Cops sued for ticketing motorists who flash headlights to warn of speed traps

Norwegian Police Conducted Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack Just Hours Before The Attack

Helena officers use unwarranted violence (again) and commit homicide

49 percent of all babies born in the U.S. are born to families receiving food stamps

Media Blackout: US in Yet Another Illegal War … in Yemen

Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?

FDA wages secret war on raw milk farmers using KGB-style spying and infiltration techniques

Lemonade Protester Gets Assaulted, Then Threatened With Wiretapping Charges

The CIA wants to take a black marker to an FBI agent’s account of 9/11

Citing death threats, the Orange County D.A. is refusing to release the names of the Fullerton police officers who beat Kelly Thomas into a life-ending coma

Cartel gunmen in Monterrey, once Mexico’s safest city, burned 53 people alive in a casino yesterday. 

Eyewitnesses point to the wrong person 75 percent of the time

Canton Police Officer Daniel Harless scored a hat trick Thursday when a third dash cam video emerged showing him threatening to kill a citizen during a traffic stop.

San Francisco police beat lady in peaceful protest

Man Arrested By Homeland Security For Not Giving Up 4th Amendment

Michigan bar owners trying to enforce their private property rights the only way they can — by banning politicians