Law without Government, Part Two: Conflict Resolution in a Free Society

A wonderful short video on how a private law society would operate.

For a more detailed exposition on private law societies, check out economist Hans Hoppe’s lecture on the subject here.

  • I think it would be more appropriate to say ‘could’ instead of ‘would’.

  • No one special

    Everything about this hypothetical is too convenient. The examples chosen are awful. Equating these security firms to insurance companies is horrible choice. The insurance industry is notorious for weaseling out of pay outs. The supposition that a simple mugging is going to justify a CSI team, two legal teams and an arbiter is just silly. Furthermore, this system is basically advocating that might is right and one is only entitled to the security one can afford. How many people would find it easier to buy a gun than to pay a security firm. This sounds like A.) social darwinism or B.) anarchy…either way it has been tried and it has failed. It would make more sense to advocate lynch mobs.

    • EGarrett

      Insurance companies don’t pay out often because they have no recourse, they don’t have any way to recover the money. Security firms get their money back from the perpetrator. Keep in mind also, it was stated that Alice, the victim, had opted for a special Insurance option. If that turns out to be a pain in the ass no one would buy it.