Woman Placed On Terrorist Watch List – For Owning A Lemon Tree

Natural News reports:

The US government’s assault against innocent American citizens continues to get more aggressive and just plain strange, with new reports of harassment against honest owners of ordinary lemon trees.Health Freedom Alliance(HFA) reports that officials from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are now spying on people whom they suspect are in possession of ordinary lemon trees, and threatening them with excessive fines and even federal raids if they refuse to surrender the plants on demand.

Several years ago, Bridget Donovan, who has now been dubbed “The Lemon Tree Lady,” purchased a Meyer lemon tree from meyerlemontree.com. A resident of Wisconsin, Donovan purchased the tree legally and in full accordance with all federal and state laws regulating citrus transport, and had lovingly cultivated and cared for her indoor citrus plant for nearly three years.

Then, out of nowhere, Donovan received an unexpected letter from the USDA informing her that government officials were going to come and seize her tree and destroy it — and that she was not going to be compensated for her loss. The letter also threatened that if Donovan was found to be in possession of “regulated citrus” again, she could be fined up to $60,000.

The truly disturbing part about all of this is not just the fact that the government is threatening old women with prison and fines for growing lemon trees, but how the government knew the woman was growing a lemon tree in the first place.

How did the Feds know this woman had a tree in her house?  The tree was INDOORS – so how could any Feds have possibly known about it?

Of course, the Feds must have searched her banking transactions to determine that she purchased such a tree.  But what probable cause could the Feds have had to conduct such a search of her credit history to begin with?

The adjoining article notes:

They invaded her privacy, tracked her down through her purchases, and sternly warned they would get that tree one way or another. It appears she is on a “citrus watch list.”

The government is completely out of control.  It is now targeting old ladies who threaten the citrus industry by growing their own lemons.  It is randomly searching the credit history of innocent Americans for any possible violations of the millions of pages of US legal code.  There is no other possible explanation.

Do you still think we live in a “free” country?

  • Ezra Goldstein

    The law is the law and she new the law when she broke it so she cannot plead ignorance this time.

    The FBI cannot let this lady slide, otherwise they will have to let slide every other illegal lemon tree owner and that sets us on a slippery slope to anarchy. 

    She should have hired an attorney before making such a purchase, this is a ‘nation of laws’ afterall…. But some people are impatient and make purchases without even consulting their local laws.  It is totally irresponsible.

    She had her chance and she blew it.

    • lol

    • Bridget

      Hi Ezra, I am the “Lemon Tree Lady” and I did not break the law when I bought the tree.  It was, and still is, legal to purchase a lemon tree and have it shipped to Wisconsin.  It was the company that apparently did not follow the law, but even the USDA seems iffy as to when they were shipping complaint trees, and when they were not.  Just wanted to clear that up!

      •  He’s being sarcastic. “Slippery slope to anarchy” over a lemon tree is a bit to drastic for reality.

      • Christin

        Whatever happened with this? Why would they go so far as to place someone on a terrorist watch list?

        • proteus

          Little men with big egos… or jack booted thugs …. take your pick. They all need to go back to the fourth grade and study the US Constitution … if they ever learned to read.

    • Lanakila7eo

      Ezra, I the the irresponsibility is, in this case (and too many cases), on the side of “the law.”  The law is the law.  If everybody said that we’d end up living with a whole host of laws that don’t make any sense or do working-folks any good.  Oh wait, that’s already happening isn’t it?

    • proteus

      How come Hillary didn’t know that and follow your advice? Maybe we should send Hillary a lemon tree as a gift and then alert the feds. A SWAT raid would be fun!

  • Akagaga

    I suspect they found this horrendous criminal, not by searching through her transactions, but by searching the records of the seller.  The question then becomes, why didn’t the seller get a lawyer?  Then again, they’re probably like the phone companies, and set up special access for the gubmint.

  • Barb

    Why is the seller allowed to sell illegal lemon trees??  And WTF is an illegal LEMON TREE??

  • MJ

    My understanding of the case is that the tree was purchased legally.  Apparently around the time of purchase a tree fungus was attacking citrus trees in Florida.  The USDA decided (3 years later) that it now must destroy this healthy tree that is not remotely near any citrus crop.
    The information was most likely taken from the company (either by raid or edict).  Why it took 3 years for the fascists to track down a deadly tree that must be incinerated is beyond me.

    • proteus

      Lemon trees kill. Down with all lemon trees. Long live the king!

  • Ldhaml

    Any news yet on the gunrunners in the Govt selling automatic rifles and grenades to Mexican drug cartels murdering and beheading 10’s of thousands just across our border??   Any news yet on the banksters who have defrauded America out of trillions colluding with govt?? Any news on those investigations and arrests??  Any news??  Or is there only funding to catch little ole ladies with healthy lemon trees in their homes??  Any news on the federal government dealing with the crimes that threaten American lives and prosperity in government??  I mean, THANK GOD THIS LEMON LADY WAS STOPPED!!  I mean, the DANGER AND THREAT THAT SHE HAD A HEALTHY LEMON TREE IN HER HOUSE — HOW COULD WE SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING THIS INCREDIBLE THREAT TO AMERICA’S SAFETY AND PROSPERITY COULD BE NEXT DOOR!!  But, anyway, any news on arrests related to Fast and Furious and the bankster fraud??

    • proteus

      The “lemon tree lady” represents a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America. First it’s lemon trees and the next thing you know, she’ll be raising pomegranates or worse, artichokes. This assault on American security interests must stop. The US Government is fully empowered to bring all its lethal forces to bear on these dangerous …. oh sorry, I forgot, I thought I was on CNN.

  • Giftedgirl218

    That’s it I am for sure getting me a lemon tree now..and I don’t even like lemons 🙂

  • TJ

    Several states are considered a citrus state. Myer lemons carry a virus which does not show up in the plant but does infect other citrus trees.This is why they are banned from citrus states.THIS VIRUS CAN BE DEVASTATING TO THE CITRUS INDUSTRY.FL,TX AZ,and several other states ban these plants.

    • proteus

      Bring out the SWAT team …. nobody should get away with raising lemons ….

  • jack peppers

    This is ridiculous fucking tyrants running this country i’m going to grow a lemon tree there is no way in hell that it is illegal WTF.

    • proteus

      “Lemon Trees Matter”

  • The FBI cannot let this lady slide, otherwise they will have to let slide every other illegal lemon tree owner and that sets us on a slippery slope to anarchy.

  • jymm

    “Do you still think we live in a “free” country?”
    I am 61, and have never thought we live in a free country since Kindergarten.

  • Sophie Heyworth

    The way this story has been presented is flat-out ridiculous. The woman wasn’t ‘placed on a terrorist watch list’. The exact quote was this:

    “I just hope the USDA is correct in that these (replacement trees) are now compliant, and I don’t have them show up again in three years,” Bridget said. “I’ll be on a citrus watchlist.”

    She was JOKING, people. It’s ridiculous that Michael Suede turns this into a ‘terrorist watch list’.

    The USDA behaved badly, but the story is far less dramatic than you’re suggesting. The sale of citrus trees is regulated because the US has a major problem with fungal infections, which threatens trees everywhere. Vendor nurseries have to be certified disease-free, and in addition many states have regulations that trees cannot be imported across state lines. In this case the store that sold the lemon tree discovered that one of its suppliers was not compliant with regulations and was not certified. Realising that they had broken the law, the store passed on details of all customers known to have bought affected stock to the USDA, who chose to confiscate the affected trees, which might have been infected. How they went about it was pretty dumb, however.

    Are you arguing that quarantine laws are a BAD thing? Would you argue the same if it was a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables that had unknowingly sold infected produce to its customers? Wouldn’t the USDA have a duty to protect consumers if it discovered that a rogue nursery had a disease problem and hadn’t told anybody?

    If your chosen narrative is ‘everybody involved in the State is an evil fascist’ I can see why you’d write the story the way you have. But it’s a dishonest distortion of the truth.