Bureaucrat: “The most logical thing to do is to ban that which we cannot regulate and permit.”

Because freedom is bad.

The LA Times reports:

In a decision that could upend the way California cities regulate medical marijuana, a state Court of Appeal has ruled that Long Beach’s ordinance regulating dispensaries violates federal law.

The city held a lottery, issued permits to the winners and charged fees, which the three-judge panel said put it in the position of authorizing the distribution of marijuana in direct conflict with the federal Controlled Substances Act, which makes the possession and sale of the drug illegal. Marijuana use remains illegal under California law except for medical purposes.

The ruling, which was filed Tuesday, could require Long Beach and other cities, including Los Angeles, to rewrite their medical marijuana ordinances, a process that has been fraught with delay and chaos. Many cities that have long allowed dispensaries, such as San Francisco and Oakland, have permit-based ordinances that let officials decide who can sell the drug. Then they charge high fees and closely regulate them.

The decision by the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles throws into doubt the legality of this approach.

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It is very telling when bureaucrats claim that ALL COMMERCE WITHIN SOCIETY must be regulated, permitted, and controlled.  Bureaucrats simply can not allow people to act freely.  They feel physically threatened by freedom.  So much so that they must lash out against anything they can’t seize control over.

What does the city think will happen if they shut down the dispensaries?  Do the bureaucrats honestly think they will make pot disappear from their community?  It’s like they WANT the cartels to come back in and take over pot distribution.  Hell, the cartels are probably the ones financing these bureaucrats campaigns!

Additionally, the State is taking steps to attack those who lease space to dispensaries.

  • chris

    Didn’t the people vote this in? Why should the government be able to overturn the people?