Russia Claims New Arctic Hydrocarbon Finds Effectively Double Nations Reserves

Russia Claims New Arctic Hydrocarbon Finds Effectively Double Nations Reserves

Interesting considering Lindsay Williams stated back in October of 2009:

· A two year timeline for the destruction of America has been established. The goal is a global government run by unelected elitists and the establishment of a global banking cartel which will run the entire planet by default.  Their plan is called “The Devil’s Messiah”.

· The complete collapse of the dollar can be expected within two years time.

Collapse of the euro system imminent, the dollar is in a very precarious position.

· War will occur in the Middle East and possibly globally within 2 years. How this will occur will be detailed in Hollywood movies coming out this year and next year prior to the actual actions occurring.

Check – Lybia, Arab Spring, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq

· Currently oil backs the dollar by default because dollars are required for foreign nations to purchase oil. This relationship will come unraveled very soon. Nations will stop buying oil in dollars which will cause an end to foreign nations buying our treasury bills at auction.

Check – China is ceasing to buy t-bonds

· As foreign nations cease to buy our t-bills at auction, this will cause the Federal Reserve to start monetizing debt at an exponential rate to cover the interest payments on the national debt.

Check – Fed balance sheet is exploding exponentially

· As the Federal Reserve begins to monetize debt, inflation will begin to skyrocket at an exponential rate.

Inflation rate is at least around 9% when calculated using 1980s metrics

· Oil will remain at around 80 or less a barrel, possibly dropping as low as 8 to 10 dollars a barrel while this is unfolding. Should oil continue to climb as the inflation is unfolding, oil reserves in northern Russia will be opened up in order to suppress the price of oil.


· The North American oil reserves, which are far far far more vast than reported will not be touched. No further oil reserves will be allowed to be extracted from the North American continent.


  • This is very interesting to me. I’ve read several articles lately about how much oil is in North America, between Canada with it’s Oil Sands and the US with it’s Oil Shale. In fact, I’ve heard that the largest of our Oil Shale deposits puts us in the same league with Saudi Arabia for reserves – and we have the technology now to get it out at an affordable price. I’ve also heard that the environmental nuts have such a hold on this administration that we have not gone after any of it yet, and have been trying to slow Canada down on it’s Oil Sands processing and associated oil pipeline into this country. So are we really serious about getting off of ME oil? I don’t think so. Hell, I’ve been looking at the history of the South Bay section of SoCal recently – every picture from the mid 50s back shows the landscape around South Bay (Redondo Beach/Torrance/Manhattan Beach ect.) just covered with Oil Wells. That tells me that we still have a crap load of oil here – off shore. And we’ve never even been able to look into that. This South Bay native would like to see us start drilling out there.

    • Yeah it is scary how accurate William’s predictions have been.

      • Stiffex

        It seems you might have to make a choice between clean drinkable water or poisonously extracted gas/oil now that the noxious hydrolic fracking “technology” is up to the job, and you wont have any of those pesky environmentalists getting in the way now that the gas n oil “industry” are exempt from the clean water act.

  • Nevertheless, do not get complacent as the total amount of liquid can range from 1 million to 8 million gallons.

    If we take the lower figure this would mean that there are 800 gallons of petroleum distillate. The benzene

    level would therefore, have an amount equivalent to 140,000 times the Environmental Protection Agency safe