Montel Williams Opens High-End Medical Marijuana Dispensary

I’m curious how this dispensary is doing today.

Any dispensary that doesn’t let their customers see and smell the weed before they buy it is just asking to get run out of business by the market.  I’m not sure who Montel thinks he is catering to here, but I applaud his efforts to step into the potentially dangerous market, where private business owners may be assaulted by federal stormtroopers at any moment.

As “Bigflytrap” notes in the video comments:

Can’t see or smell the weed I’m buying? Fail. High end means overpriced, double fail.

Jun 14, 2011

Former talk show host Montel Williams lent his star power to the grand opening of a high-end medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, California, that aims to “set a new standard” for patients who choose to use cannabis.