“DELETE IT NOW!” — Raging Cop Threatens To Arrest Ron Paul Supporters

Stephen J. Meacham -Chief of Police
Police, Non-Emergency – 610-363-0200

Pig:  “I don’t necessarily have to be nice to you, that’s not in my job description.”

Information Liberation reports:

A Pennsylvania police officer threatened to falsely charge two Ron Paul supporters with wiretapping for videotaping him making an ass out of himself. After threatening to arrest the men for wiretapping because they dared to stand up to his “authority,” the activists pointed out videotaping police is not wiretapping and it is not a crime. Well, that threw the cop into a rage, he demanded they delete the video or he will have them arrested.

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  • Jake Witmer

    This officer is a good example of a stupid sociopath who doesn’t comprehend (or care about) his oath to uphold the constitution.  Cops like this need to be phased out.  What if he had simply spoken to these people with respect?  What if he had respected the 1st amendment to the Constitution?  …Nothing would have happened, and he wouldn’t have looked like the bellicose fool he is.