Big Words Explained: Time-resolved hydrino continuum transitions

In a nutshell it means:

Einstein was a moron who believed space could bend and spent his whole life trying to prove the impossible.

Additionally, it means we can generate all the electricity we need from some nickel powder, while creating zero pollution, at a cost of pennies per kilowatt.

This article was recently accepted for publication in the European Physical Journal.  The EPJD is a fairly prestigious journal.

The paper: Time-resolved hydrino continuum transitions with cutoffs at 22.8 nm and 10.1 nm

I would like to congratulate Dr. Mills on the acceptance of his paper.  Dr. Mills is the CEO of Blacklight power.  The power company that is going to change the world.

Now, on with the show:

After you get finished with BP’s presentation, check out some more mind blowing information:


  • Frank

    I love entrepreneurs, especially this blacklight guy.

    There are so many naysayers saying it can’t be done, all the while the man is doing it.  Just check out any mainstream forum where this is talked about; you’ll find a load of high-minded trash-talkers saying how this is impossible and then making fun of those who believe that it isn’t.

    It is like watching a religious fanatic defend their faith.

    • Right on Frank.
      I totally agree with your assessment.