Worst Colleges For Economics Degrees

I would like to thank CNN Money for providing us with a list of the worst colleges to study economics in the nation.

From the article, we can clearly see that each of these colleges engages in hardcore Keynesian economics, which teaches central planning, price fixing and State interventionism as their core economic principles.

If you are planning on obtaining an economics degree, these places should be avoided at all costs.

5. Bryn Mawr

4. Swarthmore College

3. Bowdoin College

2. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1. Columbia University


  • Since I am an Austrian (twice actually – country and Austrian School of Econ.) and I am studying BA, I am interessted in a list of colleges/universities that are the best (to learn about free market economics).

    Would be great if you could post something related to this topic – currently the only great universities in that matter I know are the Hayek-University in Guatemala, the University of Madrid and Missouri (?)…

    • Em_pty Skin

      New York Univ. offers a PhD program in Austrian Economics.

  • Em_pty Skin

    Hahaha.  I have gone over more Austrian economics in my Poly Sci classes than in my econ.  Econ at IU still rehashes the ole social welfare function to justify all of the government intervention we have.  They are mixing objective and subjective value into one incoherent theory taught to people who have not been exposed to real economics before and that think is “science.”

    Rothbard went to Columbia…

    • I think Woods did as well.

      You should read the backstory behind Rothbard’s doctorate.  They tried to prevent him from ever obtaining one.

      • Em_pty Skin

        I have, the Dean denied his Dr. two times, then got appointed to the chair at the FED.  No wonder he didn’t like Po1819…

  • Lew Rockwell went to Tufts.  As a Comp Sci major, though, I can’t say much about our economics program other than that I decided I didn’t want much to do with it after freshman year.

  • strabes

    When I saw this headline I prayed my alma mater wasn’t on the list, since I majored in Economics. Thankfully it isn’t.

  • NolanBryce

    Grove City College in PA is good, I’ve heard (if you can stomach the Christian fundamentalism). 

    George Mason would be my pick though.