Chinese Fishing Village Now In Open Revolt: Inside Wukan

The Telegraph reports:

“I have just been to see my 25-year-old son,” Shen Shaorong, the mother of Zhang Jianding, one of the four, said as she cried on her knees. “He has been beaten to a pulp and his clothes were ripped. Please tell the government in Beijing to help us before they kill us all,”

My dearest lady, asking the same criminal gang of thieves that stole your property and beat your child into a bloody pulp to help you sounds extraordinarily Orwellian.

While the scene in Wukan may sound like something out of an Orwell novel, it’s actually not too different from what we experience here in America on a daily basis.  The only difference is that the villagers finally organized themselves to put up some resistance to the tyranny unfolding all around them.

Consider just the latest links from Reddit’s Bad Cop – No Doughnut section:

The list of atrocities committed by the State could fill multiple encyclopedias.   If any private organization had this kind of track record, they would have been driven out of business eons ago.  Of course, the State does not rely on satisfying customers in order to generate its revenues.  It relies in weapons, brutality, thuggery, and other cave-man like tactics to ensure compliance with its dictates.

From the Telegraph article, it appears that the citizens of Wukan have had enough.  I wish them the best of luck, but if history is to be our guide, they will most likely wind up dead at the hands of those who are supposedly there to “protect” them.