So You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy – Veterans Support Paul’s Position

It may come as a shock to my non-regular readers, but I am also a Navy veteran that has served time in the Gulf.  And of course, I would love to see Ron Paul win the presidency.  The video below explains why most other veterans also believe Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the correct foreign policy for America.  In watching the video, I could see myself being reflected back at me through the comments made by the various veterans who were interviewed.

At his core, Ron Paul believes in a voluntary society; a society that does not organize itself based on the use of coercive force or violence as our modern State does today.  Ron is what I would call a “true believer.”  Ron doesn’t make policy decisions based on which business sector will give him the most campaign money, rather he bases his policy decisions on what is the most logical, humane and beneficial course of action for society.

Watch this excellent professionally edited video that highlights why veteran’s support Ron Paul’s foreign policy decisions.


  • Ljshoreslokal03

    This video is an eye opener but will fall on the def ears of the ignorant that will believe what ever the media (which is not in Ron Pauls corner) will tell them. Gingrich is a slim ball that will only help ruin the country, he’s a sell out to the highest bidder and will only make the partisan politics even worse than they are now. Ron Paul can unite our government.