Iowa Aftermath – Ensuring the Empire Comes to an End

Ron Paul’s third place finish in Iowa is sure to dishearten many a libertarian tonight.  However, we must keep in mind what is ultimately best for the world, not just America.

Should Ron Paul actually go on to win the Republican candidacy, and then go on to win the Presidency, he just might be effective enough in his reforms to keep the corrupt empire from toppling on its head.  His drastic planned cuts to military and social welfare programs might actually rescue the American economic system and keep the beast alive to fight another day.

In the long run, this would be disastrous for the rest of the world.  After Ron Paul left office, the Empire would rebuild itself to its former glory and still be in a position to menace the rest of the world.  I argue that it is far better to see the entire system destroy itself.  Perhaps Ron Paul’s third place finish is all part of a grand design to make sure this corrupt violent system comes to an end once and for all.

With the election of Obama, Romney, Santorum, or any other hack besides Paul, we can say with total confidence that the American system will destroy itself in short order.  The Chinese have already dumped the dollar in bilateral trade with Russia, have begun acquiring oil outside the dollar, and have positioned their own currency to assume the roll of the world reserve currency once the dollar finally collapses.

The Chinese are in a perfect position to make sure this happens as well.  Should China decide to divest itself of its dollar holdings and refuse to conduct trade in dollars, it could sink the entire American economy overnight, leaving us with nothing but bombs and shitty cars for the masses.  There is no reason to think that they will not eventually do this.  The Chinese “need” us to buy their products like they need a hole in the head, and the Chinese people know it.

If China gives us all their products, and all we give them in return are paper notes that we ran off a printing press, eventually they are going to stop taking the pretty paper and start demanding real goods in exchange for real goods.  This is why the international gold standard was so important in maintaining the balance of trade between countries – to prevent the very scenario that is taking place today.

While this may sound scary, a Ron Paul loss may very well be for the best – at least as far as the rest of the world is concerned.  America will go on to start a new war with Iran and I’m sure our politicos will blame the new war for all of America’s economic problems.  But in the end, it doesn’t matter.  The dollar will finally be destroyed by our government’s own hands, and in the process, the government will finally destroy itself.  The empire will end and the world will once again know some modicum of peace and prosperity, at least until the next violent State asserts itself across the globe.

Obama’s own administration officials have admitted in private that their plan is to ultimately destroy the dollar.  So we know with even more certainty that an Obama re-election would ensure that the empire crumbles under the weight of its own looting.  Romney has taken just as much cash from the banking and military industrial establishment as Obama, so it stands to reason he will carry out the same plan as well.  They will extract every last pound of flesh they can from the public’s hide before the system finally tanks.  We are in the final stages of Rome burning and the thieves are simply taking whatever they can grab before the whole house of cards finally comes down.

The only way to stop the wars entirely is to take the power of the printing press  out of the hands of violent politicians and put it back into the hands of the people.

Use Bitcoins and topple the State.



As a side note on vote fraud in Iowa, Brad Funkhouser writes for Lew

“I’ve been following Iowa GOP vote counts for a long time … They are being slow-walked…in 2012. Negotiations are going on… Cash is changing hands. Apparently GOP chieftains are ‘persuading,’ by one means or the other, Perry and Bachmann people who hold considerable hold sway over large blocs of votes to switch to Romney and Santorum – leaving Ron in the dust… Also abusing suddenly lax ID registration may have created many fake votes for neocons Santorum and Romney. Santorum has no organization, never drew over 100 people during his entire campaign. Of course he did bribe and received the benediction of of that ‘family’ leader who demanded 1 million dollars that were to be distributed in part to cronies. This is the biggest fraud since Kennedy stole the West Virginia Primary. Perry had built a pretty organization and was around 13% of the vote. He drew far larger crowds than Santorum and ends up with just 10%. Did those votes go. Santorum? Santorum didn’t earn 24% of the vote.”

  • Scagsdale

    You know, I keep hearing all of this garbage, and it’s really getting to me. US Manufacturing and business is FAR from dead – on the contrary, we are still very strong in this area, even with the drag we get from Obama and his Marxist agenda.

    Futhermore, we are very close to becoming a net petroleum exporter now, thanks to massive new reserves found in Shale which we can now retreive and process in an economical manner. IF we didn’t make it by the end of 2011, we came pretty damn close.

    And don’t forget that we are China’s biggest market – they destroy our economy, and they lose their most valuable customers. If that happens, they will probably not be able to feed their people or keep their government running.

    As for Ron Paul – looks like all those Democrat plants that voted in the Iowa Caucus still weren’t enough. The next few primaries are going to put Paul firmly where he belongs – in single digits. And too bad – any many respects I really like Paul, but I just can’t get around his foreign policy and the stupidity of many of his followers, who would likely land in his government. I can see it now – a “9-11 Truth” commission to try to prove that Bush did 9-11. Talk about massive waste.

    • If you believe US manufacturing is very strong, I would like some of what you are smoking.

      Only 24% of US manufacturing jobs are working to produce consumer goods. 

      One in six U.S. manufacturing jobs have disappeared between 2000 and 2007. 

      • Scagsdale

        US Manufacturing is not as strong as it used to be thanks to our government, but it is stronger than the Manufacturing in China. That is what I was trying to say – read the link – it’s interesting. If we continue to repeat the lie that we are DONE in Manufacturing and should just accept it, we will not get better, and we will start to slip more than we already have. I stand by my comments.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about stupidity. Paul’s assertion that 9-11 is, in part, self inflicted is not a conspiracy “truther” theory that Bush did it. It is an assertion that we are partially responsible because we reaped what we sowed by meddling and and bombing in the Middle East. Al Quada gave very clear written motives for the bombings, and it was not because they hate our freedoms, it was because they wanted us out of the Middle East. The “truth-er” accusation to Paul’s statements is a meme by the Neo cons to disparage Paul. Just like the accusations of a “whacky” foreign policy, that is “crazy” enough to assert that when we can blow up the world 5 times over we really dont need to be bombing, invading, an occupying, every dirtball country we don’t philosophically agree with. Crazy to think this isn’t it, in the light of how well the Iraq war turned out?? (heavy sarcasm here).

      • Scagsdale

        You are correct – I have never heard Ron Paul say that Bush did 9-11. I have heard Ron Paul followers say that, too many times to count. If you look at where I put that in my post, you will see that I was really talking about Paul’s minions who might end up in the government if he wins.

        Ron Paul is his own worst enemy. I like much of what he says. Then he goes out and starts bashing Israel, or making “questionable” comments about Hitler/WW II and other historical issues. And when you call these out, the Paul supporters on the message boards ALWAYS start with the name calling – “Neocons” being the first one, but then it gets worse from there.

        I wish I could take Ron Paul’s economic and individual liberty views and merge those with the foreign policy views of Santorum or Bachmann. I would be one happy camper. But that ain’t going to happen.

    • The U.S. foreign policy is unsustainable.

      • Scagsdale

        Justin, the way Obama is handling it, I agree.

    • Dball

      can you please define marxist

  • Mike Ellis

    I understand your sentiment.  I have felt that the nation state has been quickly heading for an end.  This may in fact be the closing years on the entire concept of Nation State.  But what comes after.  If Ron Paul doesn’t win then in many people’s minds, Capitalism will have lost.  True free market constitutional capitalism will be seen to have been a dream that came and went. A thing of legends and tall tales.  Maybe we get into a few more wars.  Maybe we have more and more tyranny in this country.  Maybe we get hyperinflation. Maybe we get a long slow decline like Japan.  Maybe we even have local violent insurrections like what is happening in China.  That could go on for years, decades.  More blood shed, more death, more arrests, more renditions, more executions, more assassinations.   Yes the system may finally collapse, but will that mean more freedom?  

    If Ron Paul wins, and I admit that is a real long shot at this point, but if he wins then we at least get a shot to show the world what we could be like.  What a country that doesn’t throw people in jail for smoking post looks like.  What a country that lets citizens keep what they earn, looks like.  What a country that has gold and silver as money looks like.  What a country that abides by The Constitution looks like.  I would like a chance to see what that country looks like. I would like my 5 year old son to have a chance to grow up in a country that looks like that.  

    If its just a pipe dream and doomed to eventual failure and the powers that be rise up and corrupt the government and enslave us once again, at least we will have had a shot to finally see what our country could be if we simply followed the constitution and left people alone.

    It think it is worth the risk.  

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  • Anonymous

    I voted for Ron Paul in 1988.  I voted for Ron Paul in 2008.  And I held my nose to register republican for the first time in my life so I can vote for Ron Paul in 2012.  As much as my heart agrees with Mike Ellis that we at least have to make the effort one more time, my brain tells me that you’re probably right, Michael.

    If Paul loses, he’s going to retire and try to be satisfied with staying the course and teaching some of the younger generation about freedom.  Rand will try to carry the banner, but there’s no reason to hope he will be any more successful than his father.  The system is too corrupt to work within it.

    I can’t see, however, that the collapse of the American empire will be good for any of us.  The powers that be will only build another one to replace it.

    For myself?  If Ron Paul loses, that’s the point where I walk away from politics and put all my energies into a closer walk with Jesus.

    P.S. I’m glad you re-posted the Rockwell item.  Do you have any idea what the following quote is referring to?  I’ve been digging since last evening, and haven’t found anything to support it.

    “Of course he did bribe and received the benediction of of that ‘family’ leader who demanded 1 million dollars that were to be distributed in part to cronies.”

    • Anonymous

      I think Rand has a good chance, especially given that so many young people are really starting to understand liberty.

  • Anonymous

    “dishearten”? Think about how far we have come that Ron Paul was so close to 1st? These are American voters. This is far from disheartening my friend. The cause for Liberty will not be lost if Ron Paul doesn’t win, it will only be stronger as more and more people get on board and remember what America is suppose to be about: FREEDOM.

  • Dball

    there’s an unpleasant fascist undertone to all your comments