Who Actually Wrote The Racist Ron Paul Newsletters? Find Out Inside

Well well well.

It turns out that the “most racist” newsletter issued under Ron Paul’s name has a byline that has someone else’s name on it.

The New Republic magazine that issued the original attack against Paul has apparently kept this fact hidden and initially refused to talk to other media outlets about who exactly penned the newsletter. When they originally released PDF scans of the newsletter in question, they left off half of the last page which contained the byline of another author. They attributed the article to Paul, knowing full well that he didn’t write it.

Out of the 240 articles in question, only about 9 contain objectionable material. Of those 9, they appeared in sequence, which lends credence to the claim that the racist commentary did indeed come from an editor other than Paul and that Paul didn’t keep that author around for any great deal of time.

Click through the link to watch a video clip of the news coverage.

Fox News reports:

(FOX19) – I told you Wednesday night that in 2007 the New Republic magazine published copies of the Ron Paul Report, Ron Paul Strategy Guide, etc.

In those newsletters were some passages that could be deemed racist and certainly inappropriate.

I also pointed out that the author of those articles, James Kirchick, mentions that none of the racist newsletters have a byline, except for one.

The only problem, back in 2007, he did not disclose the name of that writer or which edition he or she wrote, until today.

For the first time, I am going to share with you the name of that writer in connection with the article he authored.

It is a 1993 edition of the Ron Paul Strategy Guide. The article is titled “How to Protect Against Urban Violence.”  The author is James B. Powell.

The full eight pages of his article match so closely to some of those other so-called “racist newsletters” it is stunning.

The author of the racist letters is not Ron Paul, it is not Lew Rockwell, it is James Powell, proven by his own byline that was kept hidden by the New Republic.

Back in the 1980s, newsletters were like blogs today. For example, do you think Arianna Huffington reads every single article that appears in the Huffington Post? The blog bears her name, should she be personally responsible for all the content that appears on her site, even if she didn’t write it?

Paul has publicly disavowed the letters and apologized for his lack of oversight.  He can’t do much more than that.  Anyone who knows Dr. Paul knows he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

See The Compassion of Dr. Paul video if you still have doubts about him being a racist.

  • Tristan

    Hi, Micheal.  Thanks for posting this!  I was just wondering, though.  Do you have a source?

    • Tristan

      Sorry about misspelling your name.  I meant Michael!  🙂

    • Yeah, the newscast provided in the post LOL

      • Tristan

        Excellent!  It must not have been there when I posted my comment.  Thanks!  🙂

  • Mikeaz04

    I think Ron Paul should try to sue The New Republic into the ground….they new he did not write this,they deliberatly left off the last page…this is slander….

  • Mikeaz04

    I think Ron Paul should try to sue The New Republic into the ground….they Knew he did not write this,they deliberately left off the last page….this is slander…

  • CG

    I have been a Paul supporter for many years.

    What I find odd is why didn’t he come out and ID the author in 1996 or 2008?

    I find this oddly placed loyalty troubling, nut he still gets my vote.

  • Anonymous

    There are several James Powells who could have written the newsletters.  We should find out which one it really is before saying it is the one you’ve named.  There is another Jim Powell at Cato Institute, who may have authored the letters.  We need to find out for sure which James Powell wrote these letters and ask him why he didn’t come out and claim authorship of them back in ’07 when this “story” broke to clear Ron Paul’s name.  The press should be doing this, but unfortunately Benn Swann seems to be one of the few investigative journalists out there who will dig into the facts to find the truth.

    • you are right, I could be mistaken.  I have taken the bio out.

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