Ron Paul Applauded For Obeying Military Conscription Orders

As much as I love Dr. Paul, and as much as I love seeing a human piece of filth like Newt Gingrich get called out on his tyrannical nonsense, I do have to question whether Paul does more harm than good in his response.

Remember, there is nothing valorous in being threatened into killing people.

If a criminal were to kidnap you, hold a gun to your head, and then order you into combat against his rivals, should you be proud that you obeyed his orders?

Should a  room full of people stand up and applaud your obedience?

We should never forget that the real heroes are those people who dodged the draft illegally.  Specifically illegally, as in Newt’s deferment doesn’t count because his fascist family connections made sure he didn’t have to serve without the threat of any consequences.  No, those people who faced the machine and told it to fuck off – those are the people we should be applauding.

  • I don’t see how you figure he’d “do more harm than good”.

    He’s demonstrating that Newt didn’t serve, wouldn’t serve, and now supposes that he should be able to send other peoples’ kids into harm’s way.

    Whether we like or agree with the draft or not, it’s a reality.  We can’t just wish it away and put our fingers in our ears.  Sure, we can laud those who practiced “civil disobedience”, but what Ron Paul is saying is that while the draft exists, he’s been drafted, he went when called, and he understands what it means to serve, and wouldn’t put the lives of those who are serving in harm’s way unnecessarily.

    This is an argument that should sit well with the American people, and an argument which should sit well for libertarians.  We can’t wish the draft away, but we can get a President who knows what the draft is about, knows that it’s wrong, and knows not to carelessly throw the lives of servicemen and -women away.

  • James Wyss

    It sounded like one of the digressions people get into during debates where all they try to do is score points against their rivals. I would point out that Ron Paul was a non-combatant. We could go off on a philosophical tangent about how any contribution is a bad contribution but that would just lead us to nihilism, which is futile. Tolkien said all we have to decide is what to do with the time given us, which I take to mean making the best choice based on the information at hand at the time.

  • Some strong criticism. People on the far extremes are doomed to live their lives frustrated by reality. They play an important role though, To tug-o-war with the opposite extremes that hopefully pull us into a reasonable balance. Most of those people flipping the bird to Uncle Sam were yellow and deserve no credit. Only a small minority of those were courageously demonstrating their values. Too small a minority to credit the group as a whole.

  • Rudd-O

    That Fat Fuck “wasn’t eligible for the draft” only because he pulled some strings.

  • Mike Ellis

    I understand your feelings, however you have to understand that Vietnam was sold to the public as necessary to counter communist insurgence.  We can look back now and see that it was wrong and I am with you on the idea that draft dodgers were real heroes.  However, Ron Paul is proud that he served his country when he was called.  Most people who have served in the military feel proud to have served, even if they disagree with the politics of the conflict they are involved in.  From an anarchist point of view, yes Ron Paul is not a hero for having served, especially since he didn’t volunteer.  But he IS running for president, and its important that he point out the hypocritical and dishonest claims made by both the media and his opponents.  
    I know that you feel that Ron Paul winning would be bad long term for the cause of liberty because he would rescue the financial system.  
    But have you thought of the fact that maybe Bitcoin is not ready to take over the job of reserve currency?  If the dollar collapses now, what recourse will most people have? Most people don’t own much gold or silver save for jewelry and some fillings. Furthermore, most people don’t have a clue what bitcoin is, let alone how to use it and where to use it.  
    Bitcoin hasn’t reached a tipping point yet.  Ron Paul would do everything he could to allow competing currencies as president.  That freedom would allow bitcoin as well as other online currencies and gold, silver or whatever people wanted to accept as currency.  I know that is a bit off topic from your post, but I feel your stance on a Ron Paul presidency to be missing a huge opportunity to move this country toward freedom with as little pain and coercion as possible.  You forget that in a total collapse, it would be those who have guns vs. those who don’t.  And governments don’t just disappear during a collapse.  If they did, Zimbabwe, Serbia and Slovenia (former yugoslavia) and Argentina would be bastions of freedom.  They have had wars, famines, hyperinflation and martial law, no anarchist or libertarian revolutions yet. Maybe America is different, but don’t you think that liberty deserves a change to blossom peaceably?