Armstrong Explains How To Fake A Moon Landing

Step one:

  • Get a crescent shaped cardboard cutout.

Step two:

  • Launch yourself into low Earth orbit in a spacecraft that has round windows.

Step three:

  • Hold cardboard cutout to window and turn down the iris of the camera to black out surrounding spacecraft interior.

This will create an image that looks like this (notice the Earth is one gigantic landmass):

But don’t forget to turn off the camera after you are done!  Otherwise you might let the public see the low intensity work lights inside the cabin, leading to an image that looks like this:

And whatever you do, make sure your camera is off before re-adjusting the iris back to its normal setting.

To hear Armstrong speaking about the trickery himself, see this video:

For those of you who doubt our own criminal government would stoop to such a level, I would point you to:

The Gulf of Tonkin

The USS Liberty attack

Iran Contra Affair

Iraqi WMDs

The 1953 Iranian Coup D’état

Japanese American internment

Jim Crow and Slavery Laws

etc.. etc.. etc..

Of course, there is far more evidence that shows the entire thing was a gigantic hoax if one should chose to look for it.  This video just happens to be the most definitive proof I’ve seen so far.

For those of you who are curious, this is what Earth really looks like from the vantage point of the moon.  This sequence of images was taken by the Japanese KAGUYA satellite.  Notice you can see the polar icecaps quite clearly in the image.  Compare that image with this image which was taken on Dec 24th 1968, supposedly from Apollo 8.

In the Apollo image, the Earth is a sky blue while giving off a reflected light flare from the ocean surface, no ice caps are prominent in the image.  In the KAGUYA image, the oceans are a deep blue that do not reflect much light at all. Further, I challenge anyone to line up the coastline visible in the Apollo image with a globe of the Earth and show me what monstrous continent that coastline represents.

And just in case someone wants to claim that coastline is Africa, I don’t think so:

This is an overlay conducted using Google Earth with the image of Earth from the Apollo photo.  Obviously the Earth in the Apollo photo isn’t even round, it is oblong (because the window frame creates that illusion.)  Further, the African content doesn’t line up at all with the image.  The blue lines represent the edge of the Apollo landmass.  The real Africa is hidden in the shadows.

I’m confident that an analysis of the Earth’s position during the period that photo was supposedly taken and the position of the camera will result in an impossible mismatch between what the photo should have shown the Earth to look like and what the photo actually looks like.

The Apollo photos of the moon were all faked, including the famous Earth Rise picture.

  • Pchampajfasj

    I’m sure the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy plot. And I understand the motive behind (plenty of it – executiver order 11110, being one)ssd
    I’m pretty sure about 9/11. And I understand the motive behind (military industrial complex, …)

    I was and still am pretty sure Armstrong walked on the moon. And if it was fake, I wouldn’t be able to figure out the motive at all. In fact, I find the opposite: we need to keep spending so we can finally be able to send a man. 

    I’m still skeptic – I mean skeptic that this was fake. You have not yet convince me.
    Van Allen radiation belt?

  • LessGov76

    Home RUN!!!

  • Mike Ellis

    I have seen many attempts to reproduce the footage of the moon landing.  I believe the one that come the closest to reasonably reproducing it was the SciFi network show Fact or Faked.  They were able to pretty well reproduce all of the shots that were supposedly impossible to fake with late 1960’s technology.  This clip and the entire documentary that it is from “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon” gives some of the most damning evidence.  
    Those who question why we would go through the trouble just have to remember that The State needs to have an enemy, after all we couldn’t have the Ruskies getting to the moon first.  Whether it is the Soviet Union, Terrorism, Drugs, Poverty, etc.  The State needs an excuse to spend money.  By spending money they have an excuse to tax the people. So by giving some kind of grand excuse for all the billions and billions spent, they can line their own pockets as well as the pockets of their friends and supporters all while maintaining total control.  I mean if you think about it, its the perfect scam.  How are you going to prove that we didn’t go to the moon unless you actually go up there yourself and check?
    Great post Michael!

  • Exuberant1

    “And if it was fake, I wouldn’t be able to figure out the motive at all.”

    Once you have more life experience, you will be able to figure out a motive.

    Apollo was an opportunity to get a lot of stuff into space, allowing that opportunity to go to waste on a ‘moon jaunt’ would pose a risk to national security. Best to fake the mission and use those mighty saturns to weaponize the shit out of space. No one would say anything. The Russians wouldn’t blow any whistle.

    • Pchampajfasj

      Please don’t patronize me. The moon part was very new to me. 9/11 no problem but I hadn’t came across one on the moon – until I decided to watch a few.

  • eggdescrambler

    I’ve came across watching some good documentary (like Apollo Zero on youtube) and now strongly leaning towards the idea they faked it.
    One question- why did the USSR didn’t show it was fake? or didn’t came up and said it was – I’m sure they knew about it.

    • Ka

      Because USSR faked as well and USSR faked before USA, so both countries better keep quiet rather than destroying each other’s credibility.

      There was a book Russia’s Space Hoax that claimed USSR had not sent a man to the space in 1966