State Throws Child’s Mom in Cage for Allowing Him to Get a Tattoo

ABC News reports:

 When Chuntera Napier’s son Gaquan Napier asked her if he could get a memorial tattoo for his 12-year-old brother Malik who died after being hit by a car, Napier was touched by the request.

“My son came to me and said, ‘Mom, I want to get a tattoo with Malik on it, rest in peace,’” she told ABC News’ Atlanta affiliate WSBTV. “It made me feel good to know that he wanted his brother on him.”

When Gaquan Napier was asked why he wanted the tattoo, he said, “Because it represents my brother.”

“What do I say to a child who wants to remember his brother? It’s not like he was asking me, ‘Can I get Sponge Bob?” Napier said. “He asked me [for] something that’s in remembrance of his brother. How can I say no?”

Of course, State law says that tattooing anyone under 18 is illegal, so rather than allowing the kid to get a tattoo at a respectable tattoo joint, the mother was coerced into taking her son to a less than reputable artist.  The State then blames the mom for this abuse, as if it is somehow her fault that the State has made getting a legitimate tattoo illegal.

While I don’t think kids should get tattoos, I certainly don’t think the kid is better off now that his mom is locked in a cage.  And I certainly don’t think the State has the right to stop children from engaging in voluntary transactions with the full consent of their parents.

Now that mom is locked in a cage, the State has brought far more destruction to this child’s life than some ink on his arm ever will.

The State hates you.  It wants to kill you.  It wants to see your children begging in the streets.  It wants to burn your family alive in a pit of eternal suffering for all eternity.