PIMCO Founder Bill Gross Endorses Ron Paul

I’m still trying to pick myself up off the floor.

Apparently our glorious overlords know the jig is up.  Soon the looting bonanza will come to an end in a currency collapse.

Zero Hedge reports:

As a follow up to today’s must read letter from Bill Gross, the PIMCO head explains what was the thinking behind the conclusion that is slowly leading him to become a gold bug, the potentially erroneous assumption that the Fed can not drop rates below zero (not if Goldman and JPM have their way), why Bernanke has no choice but to write checks when the Twist ends in June which will lead to bond buying for the next 12-24-36 months. Nothing new. What is new, and absolutely stunning, is Gross’ endorsement for president: ‘I’m a little Ron Paulish.” (6’24” into the clip)… That’s right. The bond king endorses Ron Paul for president, apparently on the realization that very soon he will have to pay Tim Geithner for the privilege of holding hundreds of billions in US paper. And now we’ve heard it all.

Bill Gross has made his billions based off the fraudulent fractional reserve system in bonds.  Thus, it is shocking that he would even consider supporting someone like Paul.  The conclusion that we can draw from this is that Gross is no idiot when it comes to seeing the handwriting that is on the wall.  When fractional reserve kingpins like Gross start endorsing Ron Paul, you know the shit is about to hit the fan in the worst imaginable way.


  • Einrand

    Eat the rich – the motto of all sozis. Those that benefit most from free markets will be the first ones eaten if their foolish enough remain stateside. Fitting, given their failure to defend market capitalism on moral grounds for half a century. A little Ron Paulish? He should be screaming Pauls’ name from the rafters and donating to the campaign for the one presidential candidate that could save his bacon. Pauls coffers should be ten times that of Mittens. Do these wankers really think that a socialist could beat a communist organizer? Ron Paul or ruin, and they yet demur…

  • Kb122908

    Update article, Bill is the co-CIO and founder of pimco, not the CEO. Thanks