Copyright Monopoly Laws Reach Insanity In The UK

A recent court ruling in the UK has deemed works that are similar are in violation of copyright law.  This means that if someone takes a picture of a sports stadium, and you take a similar picture of that sports stadium, you are in violation of copyright laws even if YOU took the picture.

Falkvinge reports:

In a shock ruling in the UK this Tuesday, a photo was found to be in violation of the copyright monopoly of another photographer. There’s only one hitch with this ruling: the infringing copy was not a copy at all, but another original with a similar composition.

This verdict throws the entire copyright monopoly concept overboard; it has always been a monopoly on outright copying of a work. Here, for the first time, something that is not a copy is found to be in violation of the copying monopoly. The judge determined that the compositions were similar enough for the second photographer to be in violation of the copyright monopoly of the first one.

Deem for yourself – here are the two images side by side (from the public court verdict)

Of course, I’m probably in violation of UK copyright laws just by simply referencing the court ruling.  Hopefully armed commandos will break down my door in the middle of the night and hold guns to my head over this.

In other news, a secret meeting of Hollywood industry executives has formed a trade agreement proposal that would basically ban computer memory buffers.  This is the equivalent of dictating to hardware manufacturers how they must design their computer chips.  It would destroy the speed and capabilities of all modern computer processors.

For a detailed explanation as to why copyright laws destroy society, listen to this lecture by patent attorney Stephan Kinsella.