Nevada Vote Fraud Reaches New Levels of Insanity

The Examiner did a nice piece that covers all the screwball antics of the GOP and mainstream media:

1:35am EST: Your author, and thousands of Ron Paul supporters still waiting up and able to do simple math, deduced that if Ron Paul won 58 percent of the vote in a large Clark County precinct and that was representative of his performance county-wide, the Texas Congressman should win the Nevada Caucus. Clark County alone represents more than half the vote in the entire state of Nevada. If Ron Paul won 58 percent of the 53 percent outstanding, compared to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent of the 47 percent counted, it’s a Ron Paul win.

1:45am EST: CNN blacks-out election coverage, shutting down the studio without so much as one word of explanation or warning. Switching to human interest stories with an afternoon anchor for ten minutes, the network the shut all live coverage completely, opting instead to rebroadcast the entire night’s early evening election coverage. Every minute of the broadcast for the next few hours replayed Mitt Romney’s victory speech repeatedly, along with all the CNN pundits declaring Mitt Romney the landslide victor with 3 percent of the vote counted.

2:00am EST: Getting the sneaky suspicion that the Republican Party’s vote totals weren’t adding up again, a quick stop at the Ron Paul 2012 Facebook page revealed your author wasn’t alone. The campaign had posted a message saying that the Nevada GOP had announced that even though the first 47 percent of the votes were counted and reported in an hour, the remaining 53 percent, all coming from Clark County, would take all night. Random posts followed leveling accusations of suspicion and even outright vote fraud. Many had watched the results being tabulated live on national TV just as this author had. We all saw Ron Paul’s overwhelming victory in that part of Clark County. It’s unimaginable to believe that in the same county, a candidate could win overwhelmingly when the votes were counted live on TV, but lose so badly when the votes were counted by the Party establishment behind closed doors.

2:00am EST: CNN and Fox News had blacked-out their coverage, opting instead to run reruns for the first time of any election so far this primary season. Online news outlets also froze their coverage, stopping all blog entries at midnight. With that, your author went to bed.

9:00am EST: Your author wakes up to a Nevada Caucus vote count with 71 percent of precincts reporting. The totals and percentages, even though the added 24 percent appeared to overwhelmingly favor Ron Paul by a staggering margin of more than 3 to 1 over Mitt Romney, had somehow managed to match the first 47 percent of the vote reported earlier in the evening that overwhelmingly favored Mitt Romney. The new state-wide totals now read Mitt Romney 47, Newt Gingrich 22, Ron Paul 18 and Rick Santorum 11.

10:00am EST: The Nevada Republican Party announces they are not going to release any of the missing Clark County vote totals until all the precincts in Clark County are turned in.

11:00am EST: The Nevada Republican Party announces they are not going to release the final and complete vote results. Instead, they are going to hold an internal recount.

11:05am EST: Outrage, frustration and condemnation erupt from Ron Paul supporters everywhere. Social media explodes with charges of blatant vote fraud by Nevada Republican Party officials. The entire corporate national news media, including all the Sunday morning political talk shows, blacks-out the events of the previous evening, the missing vote totals and the outrage by the Ron Paul campaign. Instead, they continue to inform their readers and viewers that the Nevada Caucus is over and it was another landslide victory for media and GOP favorite Mitt Romney.

Read the full article here.

Some more from a different examiner article:

 As it turns out, just as in Iowa, the likelihood that Ron Paul should have actually been the winner is very high. Not only did CNN show live coverage of a special late evening vote count in a populated Las Vegas precinct that had Ron Paul winning by almost 60%, statistics are showing that Ron Paul may have actually won the entire caucus by approx. the same margin, had in not been for another round of State GOP election fraud that is seemingly never going to be address by the powers that be, for obvious reasons.

A Daily Paul contributor writes:

Something very wrong happened in Nevada. Here’s a quote I read a few days ago that had me ready for a huge victory in Nevada.

“We have more IDs than Romney had votes in ’08,” said Paul’s state chairman, Carl Bunce, meaning identified supporters who have committed to attend Saturday’s caucuses across the state. He wouldn’t give a precise number, but Romney’s 2008 vote total in his big Nevada win was 22,649.”

That made perfect sense to me because this time around, Ron Paul’s numbers in the first 4 states have been 2 to 5 times more than they were in 2008.

This same article supported this with another piece of information.

“The town clerk, she said, has reported being stunned by the number of former Democrats and independents the Paulites have gotten to register as Republicans in order to caucus for Paul. The volunteers have netted 800 new registrations, according to Bunce.”

But the final results reported show that Ron Paul only got 39 more votes this time around vs. 2008, 415 in 2008 and 454 in 2012.

Something just doesn’t add up here.

The same kind of shenanigans happened last primary election.

An ABC News article from 2008:

“The inconsistencies, errors and multiple changes in the rules reek of playing politics with the what should be a neutral process,” said Paul’s campaign manager Lew Moore in a press release sent to reporters Friday. …

The Paul campaign argued many Nevada Republicans have received postcards with incorrect information about their caucus location, and suggested some counties have received an insufficient number of ballots.

Rand Paul comments on the results of the election:

  • Lefty

    It is perfectly understandable as to why we libertarians are skeptical and suspicious of the mainstream media and both parties alike.  This article further proves it.

  • Tristan

    I’m so sick of these fraudsters!  They need to be forcibly removed from their positions and placed on trial.  How do we legitimately combat this garbage?  I wish the public, in general, wasn’t so complacent…

    Thanks for throwing this up here, Michael.

  • Tomb14609

    at 9am est they said 71% of votes in . and this is how it stood at that time……………………..   mit 47% newt 22% RP 18% rick san 11%      well last time I checked  dosen’t add up to 71