The Surprising History of Copyright: Karl Fogel at Google Tech Talks

Awesome lecture.  You will learn a ton about the nature of copyright from this short 30 minute presentation.  The video runs an hour to cover Q & A, but the lecture itself is only about a half hour.  It’s worth every minute of your time.

Patent attorney Stephan Kinsella comments on Fogel’s Tech Talk:

This is a truly amazing talk about copyright. And waaaay back in 2006! Truly amazing. From Karl Fogel at WHat is truly impressive is how prescient Fogel is, and how he comes at this not from a libertarian angle but still gets it right on every major theme, and without being anti-free market.

  • I would like to translate it but I’m not an english native speaker: is there a transcript somewhere?
    The automatic google CC is not accurate enough…