Recent Murders of Slaves by Police

Three incidents in less than a month’s time:

US police officer kills unarmed Marine in front of his children in California

Ramarley Graham, Unarmed Teen, Illegally Killed By New York Police, Lawyer Says

Cop Kills Unarmed Children’s Volunteer Worker, Witness Contradicts Cop’s Story

The most recent case of the Marine killing is rife with inconsistencies and oddities in the way it was reported by the media.

The reports state that Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr. crashed a gate at a local high school, with his daughters in the car, during the early morning hours. And then got out of the vehicle while leaving his daughters in the car and started walking toward the track field, at which point he was gunned down by an officer who trailed him into the parking lot because the deputy thought he was “acting irrationally.”  Loggins was unarmed and posed no immediate danger to anyone at the time of his killing.

Loggins was a highly respected member of the community and had a stellar service record.  The people who know him say the actions the police are claiming he took sound nothing like the Loggins that they know.  The Marine base Loggins worked at is up in arms over this incident.

The part about crashing the gate seems the most strange to me.  This part of the story could easily be verified by simply talking to the 14 year old daughter who was in the vehicle at the time.  I haven’t seen any direct testimony from her in the press about the incident.  I very much suspect that Loggins didn’t “crash” any such gate, and if he did, he did so unintentionally.  The way his co-workers and family praise him makes it sound like that kind of behavior is totally out of character.

Loggins’ children could easily testify to his emotional state at the time he entered the parking lot and to whether or not he actually crashed a gate.  The fact that his direct family has not commented in the press about the incident leaves me very suspicious of the whole incident.  Where’s the testimony from the daughters in the press reports?

This report describes him as being highly religious.  It states that Loggins routinely went to the high school athletic field in the early morning hours to walk the track while reading the Bible.  This report says he was awarded three good conduct medals.

Further, here’s what his family, friends, and co-workers had to say about him:

Several of Loggins’ relatives, friends and colleagues have said the details released so far are contradictory to what they knew of Loggins, whom they called a respected and religious Marine who followed the chain of command and expected everyone else to do so as well.

“He always set the example and set the bar high for everyone,” said Mark Raymond, who was in the Marines from 2004 to 2008. Loggins served as Raymond’s sergeant in 2005 while the two were stationed at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

“I wish everyone had a sergeant like I did,” Raymond said. “He watched out for you.”

People who knew Loggins said erratic behavior was not like him.

“If someone asked him to do something, it was, ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘No, sir,'” said Darlene Patino, who attended Stanbridge College, a nursing school in Irvine, with Loggins. “If an officer told him to get on the ground, he’s going to do it and ‘Yes, sir.'”

“He wanted to have a career, something he could continue to do,” Patino said. “He knew he couldn’t stay in the military forever. He loved people and he was fascinated by the (health) field.”

So we have a guy that goes to the track field early in the morning to walk with his family and read the Bible being gunned down by police, while at the time he was unarmed and not in control of a vehicle.

I suspect there is far more to this story than we are being told.  Given the hush hush of it all, I wager the police are the ones who did something very naughty here.  If I was a betting man, I’d wager that Loggins didn’t crash any gate, but may have opened a closed gate before entering the parking lot.   I suspect that Loggins was confronted by a costumed homicidal power-tripping maniac and that Loggins did not immediately lick boots because he felt he had done nothing wrong, at which point the psychopath gunned him down for not showing proper respect.  I have no evidence to back those assertions, but I strongly suspect they are far closer to the truth of the matter than the police would have you believe.

This may be a “mistaken taser” incident as well.  Where the cop thought he was holding his torture device, but instead was holding a firearm by mistake.  The cop may have intended to inflict pain upon the slave for not licking boots, but instead shot him dead, and then made up the story about the gate crashing and Loggins “irrational” behavior to cover his butt.