Afghan Heroin Production Up 61% in the Past Year Alone

US soldier guarding a poppy field

The Daily Mail reports:

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted today heroin production in Afghanistan has risen 61 per cent in the past year despite billions of pounds being spent by Britain and others to crack down on the Taliban.

I”m not sure why they are surprised by this.  The entire point of invading Afghanistan was to turn the opium production back on because the major international banks require the black market reserve capital from the drug trade to keep their heads above water.  If you don’t understand why this is so, then you don’t understand how the banking system works.  378 Billion, 30% of Mexico’s GDP, was laundered by Wachovia Bank alone.  Lehman was bankrupted in large part by Mexican cartels withdrawing large amounts of cash from the banking system precipitating a liquidity crisis.

In 2001, the Taliban had SUCCESSFULLY SHUT DOWN ALL OPIUM PRODUCTION IN AFGHANISTAN.  In other words, we are supposed to believe that our invading armies with a budget of hundreds of billions can not shut down opium production even though the Taliban managed to do it with no State financing at all.  Obviously the opium is still flowing because the people running the war want it flowing.

Hamid Karzai’s (the puppet president we installed) brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, is on the CIA payroll.  He was made head of Afghani security forces.  Ahmed Karzai also happens to be a major drug king pin.

From CBS News:

“I personally have been shown Western intelligence reports that would appear to indicate that he is indeed deeply involved in drugs,” said Gretchen Peters, the author of a book on the Afghan drug trade. “He is the one that will make sure the customs and border police don’t search the trucks that are full of drugs.”

Keep in mind this is all from mainstream news outlets.  If this is what the mainstream media is reporting, you can imagine just how terrible the problem really is.

This Guardian article details the vast scope of the money laundering problem by major banks:

The conclusion to the case [against Wachovia Bank] was only the tip of an iceberg, demonstrating the role of the “legal” banking sector in swilling hundreds of billions of dollars – the blood money from the murderous drug trade in Mexico and other places in the world – around their global operations, now bailed out by the taxpayer.

“For the time period of 1 May 2004 through 31 May 2007, Wachovia processed at least $$373.6bn in CDCs, $4.7bn in bulk cash” – a total of more than $378.3bn, a sum that dwarfs the budgets debated by US state and UK local authorities to provide services to citizens.

So the CIA, whose agents just happen to moonlight as bankers, is responsible for placing a drug kingpin in charge of Afghan security, after orchestrating an invasion of the country under the pretext of “fighting terrorism.”   While at the same time the major banks are soaking up hundreds of billions in illicit capital from the drug trade.

As far as the actual ground forces involved in this fiasco are concerned, they are told by the power-that-be that they must defend the opium farmers from the Taliban because the Taliban will use the drug money to finance terrorist operations against them.  We know this to be an utterly preposterous claim because the Taliban had SHUT DOWN all the opium production just prior to our invasion!  The troops are never told what happens with that opium after it has been harvested or who profits from the trade.

A 2001 UN report on the subject found that:

Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, collaborating with the United Nations to eradicate heroin production in Afghanistan, declared that growing poppies was un-Islamic, resulting in one of the world’s most successful anti-drug campaigns. As a result of this ban, opium poppy cultivation was reduced by 91% from the previous year’s estimate of 82,172 hectares. The ban was so effective that Helmand Province, which had accounted for more than half of this area, recorded no poppy cultivation during the 2001 season.

In this video you’ll hear the lie repeated by Fox News as Geraldo interviews a US commander charged with “protecting” the poppy farmers from the Taliban.

So let’s summarize the situation here:

1.  US banks need drug money to stay afloat.

2.  US banks are loaded with moonlighting CIA personnel.

3.  US banks have been caught red-handed moving billions of dollars of drug money in the past.

4.  The CIA put a drug king pin on its payroll and put him in charge of Afghan security.

5.  The CIA orchestrated the invasion of Afghanistan immediately following the Taliban shutting down all opium production in Afghanistan.

6.  Aircraft known to be operated by the CIA have been caught red handed being loaded with drugs on numerous occasions.

7.  The CIA basically runs the war effort in Afghanistan, and during its occupation opium production in Afghanistan has steadily increased.

What conclusions are we to draw from all of this circumstantial evidence?  I think it’s pretty clear that the CIA runs the international drug trade.  They fund it, operate it, control it and manipulate it to enrich themselves.  The reason why drugs are illegal is directly related to the CIA manipulating public opinion through its control of public policy and the media.  The reason why we invaded Afghanistan was to turn the opium production back on after the CIA gained monopoly control over the production in that country.

Of course, your tax dollars pay for all of this.   Your tax money pays Karzai’s salary.  Your tax money pays for the bank bailouts.  Your tax money pays the payroll of the CIA agents involved in orchestrating this farce.  Your tax money pays for the aircraft that are used to haul all that opium out of Afghanistan, as well as for the aircraft that haul the cocaine out of Mexico and Columbia.  Your tax money pays for the police and prisons that house all the drug dealers who ultimately push the stuff on to the streets.   Your tax money pays for troops to guard the poppy fields from the Taliban who seek to shut them down.  Your tax money pays for the drones that kill hundreds of innocent people every year, including women and children.   etc.. etc.. etc..

One final note:

In the 1990s, former Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI Ted Gunderson said the CIA is the world’s most prolific manufacturer of terrorism. It created al-Qaeda and collaborated with British and Pakistani intelligence to establish what is now a global jihadist front that magically appears when Arabs like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein start talking about pan-Arabism and the unforgivable sin of deciding how to use their own natural resources.

  • Savior

    Thank you for explaining everything truthfully. It’s about time we wake up and realize this more openly. Fearing what will happen is exactly the control we don’t need. The world is operating opposite of what the natural world should move.