Jeffrey Tucker makes the Case Against the Federal Reserve and the Banking Cartel

My favorite bow tie sporting anarchist maniac verbally assaults the criminal enterprise operated by the insane Manchurian candidate Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke.

Once again, the former state run Soviet propaganda network proves itself to be a louder voice of reason and truth than our own corrupt elitist lying media.

I only have one recommendation for Jeffrey in order to take his level of awesome to the next level, ceramic bow ties.

  • Dylan

    Sounds like someone’s open to the idea of BitCoin.

  • I like that guy, and of course the girl is hot, but I wish they would talk about how we are FORCED at gunpoint to use the US dollar, and printing your own currency is illegal. This one simple fact completely eliminates the need for the entire discussion about what the fed is doing with interest rates. Who cares?? If we have the freedom to simply use another currency, whatever the fed decides to do with their currency does not matter.