• Chris

    The Perfection Of Crony Capitalism: Use Regulation To Destroy Competitors Crony capitalism uses its wealth to impose government regulations
    designed to hinder, cripple and destroy small business competitors. Charles Hugh Smith

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  • Heintze61

    Even though libertarian’s politics are more conservative than mine on most issues, I appreciate their consistancy of wanting to keep big government out of our lives in ALL areas: including entreprenualship, abortion, drugs, and prostitution.  They’re not prejudice, like many conservative republicans are against people with whom they disagree with.  Stossel’s revealing program indeed made me angry against narcissistic elietist politicians, cops, lawyers, and DEA enforcement.  In his debate with Bush’s self-righteous former drug czar (who needs to have his head rammed through a brick wall), he should have mentioned that most people are embued with a philosophy of certain core values and a belief system which upon embracing when they become adults, they WILL NOT deviate from it.  In other words, whether drugs are legal are not, the people who enjoy recreational drug abuse, are going to keep on smoking their pot (or whatever), and conversely, those who choose not to screw up their bodies and lives with drugs, are NOT going to start just because we legalize and/or decriminalize these drugs!  Both Portugal and the prohibition era in america proved this!  I heard a conservative talk show host a year or so ago commenting to a caller on this subject that he did not want to see our society regress into a scenario like in the netherlands.  I wanted to scream at him that we have ALREADY been living in this social environment!  The only difference is that in holland its done out in public, instead of in private (like in america), which makes it SEEM like drug abuse is more prevalent there!

  • Regis

    how would your program director like to take on the federal govt. for blantely defying the OSHA standards that I can prove that will probably make me a cripple after my surgery next month. I have proof. I have witnesses, but I do not have over $100,00.00 to get justice. My name is Kurtz # regis@retzinspects.com. If you want to make media history please call me, if not I will understand that money talks.

    • mena

      anyone contacted you? or its all about money