Libertarian PolicyMic Takeover

I found an interesting site that I’m going to play with for a while –

The site is similar to the Huffington Post in that its content is created by unpaid user-contributors.  The site uses a voting system to grant extended levels of authoring rights to contributors.  If you comment enough, and enough people “mic” your comments, you will eventually reach a level where you can post your own articles to the site.

The articles on the site seem to be generally leftist in nature, given that most of the contributors are college aged.   However, given that anyone is allowed to rise through the ranks, I figure it would be nice if someone like myself could author some articles from the ancap perspective on there.

I like the idea of the site and I’ve actually toyed around with building my own site using the exact same principles employed by PolicyMic as a way of generating content.  While I will obviously continue to post on my news site here, I will also be spending my time commenting on PolicyMic in order to build up enough votes to become a “pundit” so that I may author my own content on the site.

If you would like to see me as an author on the site, all you have to do is “mic” all of my comments on the site.

My PolicyMic profile is located here.  From my profile, you should be able to see the comments that I have authored.  If you agree with them, be sure to “mic” them for me.



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    Ill do much more than mic you supreme leader

  • Scott Gaff

    i don’t think Andrew Hanson is a critical thinker at all… i mean, taking empiricism to the absolute? it’s like those late teens, early 20s who tosses the word “falsification” around loosely. has he even examined Friedman’s work? while I’ll give it to Friedman that his work on the great depression is a magnificent work of economics worth reading, it’s obvious that he was forcing the statistics to fit into the right-wing Keynesianism he was propping up. some empiricist!