Teacher Arrested for Declining to Sit Down

A gang of armed thugs surround a teacher, then arrest him for refusing to sit down in the DMV.

It should be noted that there are no laws ordering people to sit at the DMV and the DMV is public property.  Further, standing is not “impeding” anyone from doing their business.

Watch as a slave is arrested and caged for refusing to obey his overlords.

I went with my girlfriend to the DMV to renew our driver’s licenses. We got to the office, waited in line, picked up the renewal forms and filled them out. While we were waiting to go back in a lady came into the office, I offered and gave her my seat. At that point a worker from the DMV who had been outside at her car came into the office where we were, began shouting at me telling me that, “sit down.” She then informed me that the fire marshal would, “shut the place down” if I didn’t sit down. I then asked her to please show me any written guidelines, policies, or procedures that required customers of the DMV to be seated at all times. She then left the office without saying a word.

Less than a minute later another customer went in and I took their seat. I sat there for about five minutes when I was approached by four detectives who forced me outside when I began to video.

Read more at: http://copblock.org/teacher-arrested-for-declining-to-sit

I see comments floating around the web suggesting that my intro to this post is “sensationalist” and that angry rhetoric should be left out of the discussion.  I see comments saying that “not all cops are bad” and “there are a lot of awesome cops out there.”

I disagree on both counts.

First off, if your girlfriend was getting assaulted by some scumbags, would you be upset by this?  Would you perhaps use some colorful language to drive your point home?  When police abuse their power and make unlawful arrests such as this, that is precisely what is happening.  They are assaulting a citizen and throwing him into a cage for no good reason.  That could be your dad in that video.  That could be your brother.  That could be you.  So I feel perfectly entitled to use whatever language I please in driving my point home.

Further, that language is specifically being directed at the cops involved in this incident.  I hope they read this and I hope they get the message that public is watching and the public is angry.  I personally don’t know how those pigs can look at themselves in the mirror when they wake up in the morning.  What disgusts me the most about this is that I have no choice in paying the salary of pigs like this.  The free market would never put up with this behavior.  When was the last time you heard of a Brinks Security guard abusing his power?

As for the “not all cops are bad” – oh yes they are.  ALL cops rob people at gun point for victimless crime.  Roll through a stop sign? – give me your wallet.  Get caught smoking a joint? – give me your wallet.  Get caught selling a joint? – GET IN THE CAGE SLAVE!   – They are all guilty of this in my book.  When they put on those uniforms they agree to enforce all laws, good or bad, and they make no moral distinctions.  This kind of behavior is reprehensible.  It is evil.  It is tyrannical.  It should never be condoned.  Ever.

  • Chris

     Are they going to arrest people because they don’t have enough seating at the DMV now?

    Just give up your rights and nobody gets hurt.

    • Chris

      I have been thinking about this situation and the proper response should have been looking up the buildings rated capacity which has to be posted in the building. I am sure the fire marshal would have known the limit. If it was not over the capacity then there is no problem. Standing or sitting is irrelevant.

  • Erik

    Watch as a slave is arrested and caged for refusing to obey his overlords.” – You’re an idiot. Teachers are slaves anymore than you are for conforming to Web Standards when you write this. For shame. 

    • ORLY?

      Are you allowed to keep all the money you earn, or are you forced to work for someone else half the year?

  • Wsavary

    Why would you even talk to these pigs?

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