Give Your Teacher Lip, Get Thrown In The Clink – 11 Year Old Handcuffed/Arrested

A young girl, who was found walking in the hallway during a class period in order to get a sweater from her locker, told an assistant principle that she “didn’t have time” to deal with the assistant principle’s harassment of her being in the hallway during a class period.

This was obviously inexcusable conduct which necessitated police intervention.  And the police were happy to oblige by handcuffing the girl and throwing her in a detention cell.

NECN reports:

Yajira now knows what not to do when talking to a teacher.

“Not to give them attitude. I am blaming myself,” Yajira said.

That’s right Yajira, you should blame yourself.  Its all your fault you tried to get a sweater and then talked back to a hostile authoritarian power-tripping psychopath.  You should never talk back to authority.  They run your life.  Who do you think you are?  A free and independent person?  This is the god damn USSA honey.  You better get your act together or else!


  • Doug

    But without the government, who will run the schools?? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!