Police Conduct SWAT Raid Against Counterfeit Hair Product Seller

The OC Register reports:

Counterfeit hair stylers can overheat, causing low-quality plastic casing to melt, which presents a high risk of burn injuries to the hair, scalp, face and hands, said Jeffrey Eastman, the lead investigator on the case and a special agent with ICE/Homeland Security Investigations.

Which is why an armed commando raid was necessary.

The UCI electrical engineering graduate student said the raid gave his mother an anxiety attack and law enforcement authorities called an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

“They attacked the house like they thought we had guns, like we’re a gang or gun-running or something,” he said.

Heaven forbid they simply walk up to the home and knock on the door like civilized human beings.  The grad student might have popped the top off a hairspray can and lit it on fire with a lighter turning it into a flame thrower.

Police should take notes and just bulldoze the home with a tank next time.  I would hate to see any of them get hurt.