Terrorists Pose As Married Couple In An Attempt To Cross US Border

This is the story of a married couple attempting to cross the U.S. border on their way to a Niagara Falls shopping center.  I know what you are thinking… BORING!  But oh no no my friends, this story is quite emotional and compelling.  In fact, it has terrorists and violent threats galore!

Our story starts out at the U.S. border crossing into Canada, where three terrorists a day are apprehended by our men in blue.  In case you were unaware, there is a terrorist invasion going on right now and they are all coming here from CANADA!  Screw the Mexican border, we need a minefield on our borders to the north!

At any rate, the extreme threat level that Canadians pose to our citizens demands that the U.S. border patrol ask all sorts of invasive and meaningless questions.  This is simply for your own protection citizen.  So, in the process of determining whether or not our married couple were actually terrorists, a border patrol agent demanded to know what specific store they were planning to shop at.  The agent’s suspicions were aroused when the couple replied that they weren’t sure and that they just wanted to walk around the mall for a while.

Clearly the fact that our married couple was unsure about what store they wanted to shop at could only mean one thing.  THEY MUST BE TERRORISTS!

Our intrepid agents haul the couple off to the side for further questioning.  Of course, given that the couple are actually Al Qaeda terrorists in disguise, they begin demanding to know why they must obey the officers orders when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Obviously this is completely unacceptable behavior.  As every good citizen knows, police officers in America have total authority over you at all times.  The police don’t actually need a reason to detain you or demand you obey their orders.  They can simply walk up to you and order you to do jumping-jacks if they feel like it.  If you don’t obey, clearly you are a terrorist.

If you refuse to obey an officer’s arbitrary and capricious orders, and then have the gall to demand what the officer is going to do about it, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going to end well for you.  And this is where our story ends.  With our Canadian terrorists behind bars, and a safer America for all.

  • anon

    I actually know the guy in this video. He is a hardcore objectivist, his original youtube account went down for anti-islamic hate speech. He is “qtutoringhelps” on youtube now.

    • The guy seems to dislike all religions from what I can see. I assume he said the Muslim religion was providing people with a warped view of reality, which obviously means he is a racist bigot who must be banned from life.

      It appears he is also a math tutor to autistic kids.

      • anon

        Yea he’s an interesting dude, and you hit the nail on the head. He’s a die hard objectivists, which means he hates ancap’s like yourself. He lives in the toronto area and is married to some chinese woman, and his job is offering tutoring to kids. He seems to be ashamed of this incident, and it left him kind of paranoid, most of his older videos are gone, and his status updates on youtube suggest that he is still facing trouble from this inicident which happend 2 years ago now or so.

        • Yeah, objectivists tend to be very exclusionary so that would be par for the course. 

          Obviously I have great sympathy for their beliefs.  Objectivists are simply people who haven’t made the logical leap to non-aggression in all aspects of life.  After his incident, I’m surprised he hasn’t reconsidered the NAP as the basis for his beliefs.